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Can the Persecutions be Far Behind?

Can Persecutions be Far Behind?   Most of the early Christian martyrs were killed because they refused to bow down in worship to false gods. Many of the early Christian clergy, including bishops, were martyred for this but also for … Continue reading

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The Origin of Irish Dancing

The Origin of Irish Dancing   In an effort to dispel the myth of traditional Catholics being humorless rigorists, as an ardent student of history, and finally being of Celtic Irish and Scottish roots (among others), I’ve always been curious … Continue reading

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Vaccines and the Culture of Death

Vaccines and the Culture of Death   To date Catholic Rural Solutions has not entered the fray regarding the pervasive subject of the Culture of Death in our world today. This however, does not mean we don’t have definite orthodox … Continue reading

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Don’t Borrow

Don’t Borrow!   Today I wish to feature His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson, SSPX. His message is most timely considering the worldwide social events of this past week with Greece, Egypt, and England. However, his message is not just jumping … Continue reading

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