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Cardinal Burke Strides into the Fray

The tears of Our Lady

CNS has just released Cardinal Burke’s evaluation of the SSPX/Rome agreement. The words used by His Eminence specifically the term “consolidating” the SSPX and the phrase, there will have to be a change in the way of thinking and acting by which …the obedience to the Holy Father becomes more concrete seemingly indicate more than an mere agreement to accept us as we are but would hint at a capitulation of the SSPX leadership to the Novus Ordo. Clearly from the tone and timing of His Eminence’s interview this is the Romanista way of all but confirming the deal is sealed and delivered and all that is left is the signing.

View the Cardinal’s video here:

Cardinal Burke on SSPX!

As a coincidence, His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson, as usual issued his latest Elieson Comments with a very, very powerful paraphrasing of St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians.

This can be viewed at:

It would appear that battle lines are being drawn with each passing hour. Obviously, it is all in the hands of H.E. Bshp. Fellay because all that he need do is to politely, cordially, but firmly state that at this time we cannot consider a rapprochement and keep all options open for future talks. It is really that simple.

This entire crisis of Faith that we are currently living through is largely due to a lack of knowledge of the Faith on the part of the laity. Had the Catholics in the pews been more aware of not only the doctrines and dogmas of the Faith but also the history of the Church, matters would never have reached this point because their thoughts would have been made known to the Society leadership early on and the problem could have been nipped in the bud.

Whatever happens in the coming days and weeks, we the laity, most especially the men must educate ourselves in the Faith whether through private reading for at least 15 minutes a day, or more effectively through informal meetings and get-togethers organized to read and study the Sacred Magisterial Teaching of the Catholic Church. Ideally, this can be organized through the pastors of our chapels but to be effective the men must learn public speaking and writing, and also apologetics so that we can defend the Faith in every instance.

Now is the time to reinstitute the League of the Kingship of Christ where we had study groups, letter writing campaigns, and other Catholic Action under the caring and watchful eye of our pastors.

So after the dust settles, let us all not only petition our pastors to accomplish this worthy goal but also to individually make a commitment to any such lay fraternity and bring whatever talents and skill we have to bear to promote and defend the traditional Catholic Faith.

Please distribute this posting as wide and far as your Faith would move you.

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.



About Catholic Rural Solutions

This group is for the practical application of Catholic Distributist teachings as promoted by Pope St. Pius X, Belloc, Chesterton, Maurin and others in the 20th century. This group is also a respite for traditional Catholics who adhere to the Tridentine Rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and who share a concern for small independent Catholic communities throughout the world. These communities while primarily small holding farmers, craftsmen and tradesman all espouse an integrated life based on Catholic Social Justice and the Sacred Magisterium of the Church. Through this we intend to inject the Distributist economic principles into the greater society. Please fell free to share your experiences in this vein. Flaming, proselytizing and persecution WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
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