Saturday Update October 13, 2012

Feast St. St. Edward King & Confessor


Come and behold ye the works of the Lord: what wonders he hath done upon earth, making wars to cease even to the end of the earth. He shall destroy the bow, and break the weapons; and the shield he shall burn in the fire. – Ps.46: 8-9

On the Lighter Side…



Truth be Told…

The ‘Real’ Unemployment Rate Is Still Really Lousy

If you have doubts about the official jobless rate, there’s another rate you can check out instead–the “real” unemployment rate, which measures everybody considered unemployed plus a lot of others who are falling through the cracks.

Edit.  We have always come to expect politicians to paint the rosiest picture possible. As a child, I can recall my elders speaking about a government official or officeholder “speaking out of both sides of his mouth”. Now however, we have the entire government apparatus using agencies and statistics that are outright lies. Take for instance the much touted of late unemployment stats; after doctoring it’s reported to be 7.8%. As can be seen from the above article this is merely one rate; one meant for public consumption, while the other government rate the so-called ‘real’ rate is now 14.7%. Even this however, is still a rosy picture! If you go to John Williams Shadow Stats, ( ) you will see that the actual rate of unemployment is somewhere in the neighborhood of 22.5%.

Other official stats also are falsely reported such as inflation. As I’ve pointed out in the past the market basket to gauge inflation leaves out both the cost of energy and food. Now that statistic is about as useless as teats on a bull, no.

Nevertheless, I think the old adage of “fool me once…” applies to this situation, as well as, “you can tell if a politician is lying because his lips are moving”.

Rumors of wars…

Panetta Warns We’re In ‘Pre-9-11 Moment’ That Could Precede Catastrophic Attack

In a speech in New York City, Panetta said the recent activities have raised concerns inside the U.S. intelligence community that cyber terrorism might be combined with other attacks to create massive panic and destruction on par with the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Confirmed: Pentagon deploys military forces to Jordan-Syria border

The US has long maintained concerns about the Assad government’s arsenal of chemical and biological weapons. In August, US President Obama said the movement or utilization of chemical weapons would constitute a “red line” which would change Washington’s “calculus” towards Damascus. In July Syria warned it would use chemical and biological weapons to repel “external aggression.”

Edit. Throughout history, war has been the last recourse to solving domestic and even global economic problems. Even a schoolboy can reckon that printing money is not a long-term solution to the economic woes of the various nations today, but merely a stopgap measure until the dilemma is solved. Most unfortunately, today’s governments are seeing no other way out of the disastrous economic and social problems we face except through the old stratagem of war. The question we must now ask ourselves as individuals is: is the blood of our sons, and now in modern warfare, even our daughters… worth the lessening of the unemployment statistics? If the answer is no, then it is time to begin establishing a viable record of personal pacifist credentials for our children. Perhaps they would then be classified as such should unjust conflicts mandate conscription of our eligible kids. We must remember that Holy Mother Church has always taught a Catholic Just War morality. To my well-trained Catholic mind, our dire economic straits and control of oil is not justification for war

Faith and Morals…

Pope Benedict XVI Marks 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council (Plus: A Brief History)

The anniversary comes as the church is fighting what it sees as a wave of secularism erasing the Christian heritage of the West, and competition for souls from rival evangelical churches in Latin America and Africa. Clerical sex abuse scandals, debates over celibacy for priests, open dissent among some priests and a recent Vatican crackdown on liberal nuns in the U.S. have also contributed to erode the church’s place in the world.

The pope has spent much of his pontificate seeking to correct what he considers the misinterpretation of Vatican II, insisting that it wasn’t a revolutionary break from the past as liberal Catholics paint it but rather a renewal of the best traditions of the ancient church.

Edit.  In the above quote the obvious is not stated. The infamous Vatican Council II was the cause of: the wave of secularism in the Christian West; the threat from the Evangelical Protestants in formerly Catholic nations, the abuse scandals; the push to end priestly celibacy; and the open dissent of liberal priests in favor of Sodomite marriage, women priests, and liberal nuns. In short, VCII was the self-immolation of the Catholic Church. It is the exact error that Our Lady warned us of at La Salette, Fatima and, Akita. Our only hope is to revert to tradition, as before this notorious council and that will only be accomplished by the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by all the Bishops in union with the Pope.

As to the “misinterpretation” of the council, where have we recently heard that echoed? Could it be within the ranks of tradition itself? Let us pray that in our times things will not be so unclear that even the elect are confused.

Health and Wellness: formerly called Emerging Illnesses (Pestilence)…

The top 10 breakfast cereals most likely to contain Monsanto’s GMO corn

By now, nearly everyone interested in healthy living is aware of the recent research linking Monsanto’s GMO corn to cancer tumors and an increased risk of premature death in both men and women. News of the research is spreading like wildfire across the ‘net, and support for Proposition 37 — which seeks to label GMOs in foods — is growing by the day

Edit. Increasingly we see both Big Ag and Big Pharma putting profits above the nation’s health. While we must assume that all companies are in business to make money, there is a reasonable expectation of concern for public health that is expected by the consumers of all products. This is why government instituted oversight agencies like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to act as watchdogs looking over the shoulders of business. However, much to the chagrin of the consumer, these watchdogs are more and more in cahoots with the very people they are meant to oversee. Meantime, we see the FDA and other alphabet agencies often targeting the little guys who produce healthful goods for public consumption persecuted at local, state, and federal levels. Remember, the accurate definition of Fascism is the collusion of government with business.

The times they are a changin’…

Judge backs doctors in Muslim man’s right-to-life case

A hospital trust can withhold life-saving treatment from a severely brain-damaged Muslim man if his condition deteriorates, a court has ruled.

At the Court of Protection, Mr Justice Moylan said it would be lawful to withhold treatment as it would not prolong life “in any meaningful way”.

Edit.  So now, it is the courts and government who decide what “meaningful” life is to an individual. Regardless of what this man’s religion teaches or what his family wants; and despite signs of improvement the courts will condemn this man to death. In the last 50 years, we’ve seen a radical change in morals and values; could it be that in another 50 years society and government will see that a man who is a lawyer, judge, or Politian does not have a “meaningful” or productive life? Well with the fickleness of people, the only sure way to guarantee that such will not happen is for laws to adhere to an unchanging Faith, where each individual is valued. Such a Faith was at one time ingrained within Western Society, but has since been evicted so now we have arbitrary decisions like the one above.

Politics and more…

As we are getting down to the wire toward Election Day 2012 it is important to keep a perspective on what has occurred over the past four years. Well, here is a toungue- in-cheek survey of the CHANGE! we’ve witnessed.

An Obama Supporter Interviews Her Future Self

Edit. If the situation weren’t so serious this would really be laughable, but we are now given a choice between a Moslem and a Mormon. It seems just a short time ago that this nation shuddered to think of Kennedy, a Catholic of all things, was running for office. Unfortunately, he was but a nominal Catholic; had he been truly convicted and committed Catholic things in this country and in the world would have been a lot different. At any rate we now are faced with insipid leadership both in our candidates and in our parties.

“There is no God but Allah”

He’s worn band on wedding-ring finger since before he met Michelle

Edit. Speculation about the ring that Obama has worn since before his marriage has ranged from mysterious to a Sodomite union with a college roommate. Finally however, it is revealed that the ring is a testament of faith. In Islam all that is necessary for one to become a Moslem is to recite the Shahada, that is, there is no God but Allah. It is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam. No formality is required, no certificates, no recitation in front of competent religious authority or, even a public recitation. It is only necessary to pronounce the words with sincerity and conviction. So why is Obama wearing a gold band inscribed with the words of the Shahada? It would be like an atheist wearing a crucifix or a Miraculous Medal. Therefore, the wearing of the ring must have personal meaning and that is he has recited the Shahada making him a Moslem despite attending a Christian Church. To verify this go to:

There you will find the details of becoming a Moslem.

Aside: I recall once when teaching a history class covering the Holy Crusades reciting this for the edification of the students upon hearing they were worried that I had just converted. I pointed out that sincerity was all that was necessary and thus I was strictly reciting for educational purposes. Obama wearing this ring does signify some form of sincerity and thus is a commission of faith. To quote an old 60’s ditty, all that’s left is this band of gold.

Let the men of wisdom speak…

On June 29, 1972, the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul, Pope Paul VI in a homily delivered a strikingly downbeat analysis of the state of the Roman Catholic Church post Vatican II. He told a congregation:

We believed that after the Council would come a day of sunshine in the history of the Church. But instead, there has come a day of clouds and storms, and of darkness … And how did this come about? We will confide to you the thought that may be, we ourselves admit in free discussion, that may be unfounded, and that is… that there has been a power, an adversary power. Let us call him by his name: the devil.

Edit. The full text of the homily was not reproduced in the Vatican collection of Paul VI’s teachings (Insegnamenti di Paulo VI Vol. X, 1972). Instead, a summary of the homily was given. Within the summary, however, there are some direct quotes from the Pontiff. The above is one of two of these, memorable for their references to Satan and the preternatural.


Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.

Domestically speaking…

The killing frost for 2012 is scheduled for tonight, and just in time, I’ve gotten my ornamental potted plants in the greenhouse. Today I will pick the remaining winter squash for long-term storage inside the basement. I will also begin to evacuate the honeybees from the remaining supers in preparation for harvesting the fall honey. This will be followed by consistent sugar feeding until around Christmas, as well as, insulating of the hives for the winter season. Sometime over the next couple of weeks I will harvest the kale, (the frost adds sweetness otherwise lacking if picked before frost), and the potatoes and that will complete the garden season.

Final commentary…

This week, October 11, 2012, to be exact marks the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican Council II, a pastoral council, by which Pope Paul VI declared: the smoke of Satan entered the Sanctuary. While the proponents of VCII consider it a manifestation of the Holy Ghost, if we judge its fruits, it is anything but that. Without going into details, suffice it to say, that Vatican Council II ushered in the Crisis of the Faith, from which the Church is still reeling even after 50 years. One of the declarations of the Council was the establishment of a synod of the world’s bishops, convened in Rome every three years. Notice I did not say Catholic Bishops because the council did not stipulate this. The result is that Ronan Williams, the Anglican usurper of the Seat of Canterbury Cathedral in England, not only attended but also gave a stirring speech. How odd that a false prelate and false bishop is allowed to speak at such convocation, yet the Society of Saint Pious X, who hold the True Faith, is considered not to be in “full communion”. What a world… What a world!

Caveat: I’m not in anyway giving or advocating any medical or financial advice but merely informing you of the controversies involved in this topic and the dilemma they present to the thinking Catholic in our times.  I do not intend to give medical or financial advice or take any responsibility for anyone else’s health, medical  or financial positions and decisions and as always encourage everyone to be fully informed, through personal research and contact a professional advisor before making any medical or financial decisions.

Special Note: Catholic Rural Solutions WordPress Weblog is a private blog run by Richard of Danbury, which promotes small-scale practical Catholic Distributist solutions for traditional Catholic families, and is centered on the Tridentine Rite of Mass and the integral and unadulterated Sacraments pre-VCII. We also have available to the readership many valuable and interesting files, photos and other helpful information on Distributism, gardening, small-scale livestock, preserving and misc. recipes, as well as, a comprehensive book list at:



About Catholic Rural Solutions

This group is for the practical application of Catholic Distributist teachings as promoted by Pope St. Pius X, Belloc, Chesterton, Maurin and others in the 20th century. This group is also a respite for traditional Catholics who adhere to the Tridentine Rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and who share a concern for small independent Catholic communities throughout the world. These communities while primarily small holding farmers, craftsmen and tradesman all espouse an integrated life based on Catholic Social Justice and the Sacred Magisterium of the Church. Through this we intend to inject the Distributist economic principles into the greater society. Please fell free to share your experiences in this vein. Flaming, proselytizing and persecution WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
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