S/U 02/23/13

Saturday Update February 23, 2013

Ember Saturday; St. Peter Damian, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor


Let your manners be without covetousness, contented with such things as you have; for he hath said: I will not leave thee, neither will I forsake thee. Hebrews 13:5

On the Lighter Side…

The Leftist Lexicon: Translating Statist Rhetoric into Plain English

Amnesty: Giving citizenship to someone who stole their way into the country and promises to vote Democrat.

Assault Weapon: Any firearm that Dianne Feinstein thinks looks scary, regardless of how it operates.

Censorship: Refusing to allow taxpayer funds to be used to push our agenda.

Choice: Choosing to murder a baby, at taxpayer expense.


Edit. You can read more of the non-politically correct terms at the above website. It is both amusing and enlightening.


Crumbling Global Economy Passes Point of No Return

As bad as the global economy is right now, it is unfortunately going to get far worse. Many central banks around the world are now racing to devalue their currencies through the implementation of debt monetization programs and low interest rates. Despite statements coming out of the G20 saying otherwise, many insiders and former insiders are fully admitting that there is an on-going global currency war and that this war is accelerating. The Bank of Japan’s recent announcement of a massive bond purchase program is the latest episode in an already sorry state of affairs. It is a historical fact that prosperity has never been obtained by devaluing a nation’s money which makes it all the more insane that the central planners are actually trying to sell the general public on these policies.


Edit. …and so it goes; and so it goes!

Recovery Sign: More People Quitting Their Jobs

“These points go against the popular notion that the economy ground to a halt while DC negotiated the Fiscal Cliff late last year, and supports the hope domestic labor markets can continue to improve in 2013,” wrote Beth Reed of ConvergEx Group, whose strategy team wrote about the Bureau of Labor Statistics data in a report to clients Wednesday.


Edit. I fail to see how this is a relevant standard by which to measure the economic health of our nation. Once again they are trying to dazzle us with smoke and mirrors with their Newspeak. They’ve manipulated real inflation, the Cost of Living, and the Unemployment numbers now they provide us with useless market standards. What next?

Are US Retirement Accounts at Risk?

As early as August 2010, some American retirees learned of disturbing proposals in Washington DC that many sources characterize as eventual confiscation of private retirement assets. This would be accomplished by forcing Americans to invest their tax-deferred monies in government bonds, which is effectively confiscation through monetary inflation, as the real value of those funds are depreciated through currency debasement. Specifically, the US Departments of Labor and the Treasury held joint hearings, during which was discussed government plans to eventually take control of all assets in IRAs and 401K accounts and replace them with US government “Treasury Retirement Bonds”, whose 3% rate of return would be less than the actual increases in the cost of living [Coin Update [43]].


Edit. I reported this August 2010 meeting in Catholic Rural Solutions at that time. As the situation becomes more desperate, the attractiveness of IRA’s and 401K’s will be more and more tempting for government takeover. Folks, if the government can restrict and remove a right of men enumerated in our American Constitution like the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, what makes you think that your hard earned savings in not beyond their scope?

Rumors of Wars…

If the Euro Collapses, the Swiss Army Is Ready

At their annual exercise in September, the Swiss army drilled for an imagined conflict between two neighboring states (the landlocked nation borders Austria, France, Germany, and Italy). The aim: Turn Switzerland into a secure fortress that could keep out the flood of refugees a regional economic meltdown might send its way.


EditThis was a toss-up …include it under ECONOMICS…, or RUMORS OF WAR…; but this illustrates the interrelationship of all things. Like dominos when one is sufficiently effected it causes waves in other areas of life.

It is amazing to see such headlines in mainstream media. When I started Catholic Rural Solutions it was meant to prepare Catholic individual and families to prepare for just such anticipated events as we are witnessing today by clinging to their Faith and returning to the land to be a more self-sufficient. I was reluctant to include articles like this at the time, (though I found many, usually in the alternate media), which might frighten the average reader. So I tried to sugar-coat all my articles and editorials and yet walk the delicate balance to alert my readers into action. In this I was moderately successful because it is hard for one in a certain social level to envision life in another, most especially when it might portend what they will face. Some took the advice to heart and made the changes they could and other just found it interesting reading.

Now however, all are aware of the dangerous prospects ahead, yet many just continue on as if nothing will change or even has changed in their lives. Articles like the above, from the mainstream media, are now grabbing attention and will galvanize many into action. Though the time is late and short it is better to be prepared in any measure then not be prepared at all.

Faith and Morals…

confusedOpen Letter to Confused Catholics

A Narration By A Traditional Catholic


Edit.  This is a YouTube presentation of a reading of chapter 1 of A Letter to Confused Catholic by Archbishop, Marcel Lefebvre, SSPX. As the reading go on scenes of traditional Mass are juxtaposed against the abomination of the New Liturgy.

It is a well made video and should be seen by every Catholic who has ears to hear the truth of Vatican Council II and the Modernism of the NewChurch.

Health and Wellness: formerly called Emerging Illnesses (Pestilence)…

There are things we don’t talk about in the natural products industry…

A typical U.S. farmer is buried under regulatory compliance. They have to fill out seemingly endless piles of paperwork for the FDA and the EPA. They can’t simply bribe their way out of this like you can in China. In the USA and Canada, you actually have to comply.

For those reasons, organic foods, superfoods and supplements grown in the USA are 300% – 400% more expensive than those produced in China. When natural produce formulators in the USA buy raw ingredients from China instead of from U.S. farmers, they shift agricultural jobs to China and hurt U.S. and Canadian farmers by putting them out of business.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039211_organic_food_natural_products_industry_secrets.html#ixzz2Li6NsgUh

Edit. This is a timely example of what was discussed in the comments section of CRS this week. There are virtually no real guarantees of organic or natural products, even with certifications, because there is much within our food system that is beyond the control of not only consumers but also watchdog agencies and non-governmental agencies as well.

The only absolute way to have any assurance of genuine quality control on your food is to grow as much of it yourself. Such control is also applied to the expense as you the farmer-producer-consumer are not subject to the governmental redtape that small for-profit farm suppliers are.

To be sure, even then there are no 100% guarantees as much of our staples for our feedstock is GMO stock. However, by growing open-pollinated, heirloom time-tested produce in our garden AND by a rigorous program of seed-saving we can reduce the risks of tainted foods entering our homes and bodies.

The Times They Are a Changin’…

The ‘Robocop’ headset that lets police see through walls and identify suspects just by LOOKING at them

The system can also identify suspects using facial recognition, receive alerts from motion sensors, scan license plates instantly, monitor basic vital signs and call up floor plans and GPS coordinates.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2281020/The-robocop-headset-lets-police-round-corners-theyve-beaten-Google-release-it.html#ixzz2LXACHrDJ

Edit. Wow! This is Sci-Fi in real time; certainly a frightening technology. While it may be used as a good police tool, with the changing definition of “bad guys” from pro-life advocates to Constitutionalists, to gun owners this presents a huge dilemma for those of us who value our right to legitimate privacy. Surely we’ve entered a brave new world. Check out the video embedded in the above article for an example of its practical application.

Politics and more…

Lawmakers propose liability insurance for U.S. gun owners

California on Tuesday became at least the fourth state to have a liability insurance bill introduced, following Massachusetts, Maryland and Connecticut.

No state has a gun liability insurance law. Since 2003, almost two dozen such bills have been rejected nationwide, 15 of them in New York, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The liability insurance proposals come as President Barack Obama is campaigning for stricter federal gun controls.

Efforts to control guns face an uphill climb politically in the face of a strong pro-gun lobby, including the National Rifle Association (NRA), and constitutional protection for firearms ownership.

Edit.  As the power seekers in government try to rest the rights of the people from them they are facing fierce opposition and even they admit that their chances of imposing the kind of control they want is unlikely, (i.e. no guns in civilian hands), they will take another tack of instituting insurance regulations which will impose exorbitant fees on law-abiding citizens. Their reasoning is that since cars need insurance so should guns, however, owning, driving, and using a car is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.


Let the men of wisdom speak…

Clarity Amidst Confusion

With all that has transpired both in the greater Catholic Church and more specifically in the Society of St. Pius X, much has become murky, authority has become vague and weak, and there is much conflict and confusion within the ranks of the traditional Catholic Faith. Unfortunately, this is inevitable for when the head is struck confusion and chaos reign. It is at such times it is good to retrace our steps to where there was clarity and order. Hear now the very words, in his own voice, of His Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, of happy memory.

A 1986 documentary about priestly formation at the SSPX seminary in Ecône, Switzerland, featuring interviews with founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Priests for Tomorrow Part 1 – 7









Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.

Domestically Speaking…

Once again I’ve been locked in the basement remodeling, a kind of self imposed dungeon. It has come a long way with all the framing in and a solid coat of mold abatement paint to cement block and 2×4’s alike. While I await the electrician, a job beyond my safe and secure skills, I am busying myself with repairing the water damage around the built in 125 gallon fish tank by replacing the covering 2×4 framing and sheathing it with a coat of polyurethane and a layer of Duraroc® cement board. This should prevent any future rotting problems caused by the fish tanks bubbler system. I’m also rebuilding the base of the bar and building a small two shelf liquor cabinet into the side wall between the aquarium and the bar. Another built in will be a bookcase under the stair to hold a small collection of videos and DVD for the already built in television.

Meantime, the spring garden of 2013 is in the planning stage more correctly, the pipedream stage, as I have assembled my collection of seeds for the season, including medicinal herbs, for the herb garden. I was also fortunate to find watercress sprigs at the greengrocer sections of my neighborhood super-market. I will plant those today, after draining the greenhouse fish tank and replacing it with fresh water. It seems that with the increased daylight I’ve gotten an algae bloom that is carpeting the entire tank, including the surface. This will replenish the watercress for our salads for the majority of the spring and early summer period.

I will also be preparing the greenhouse for the seedbeds which will be coming within weeks as I start to propagate my new plants for the garden. Currently, most of the benches and window space therein is occupied with my outdoor patted annuals like the gardenia, stevia, and other assorted herbs and ornamentals. I will also begin to fertilize these same plants as the new growth responds to the increasing hours of daylight.

Putting It all In Perspective & Final commentary…

Well this week has been a week of news and the dilemma was to choose what was most pertinent to the readers of Catholic Rural Solutions. With the days rolling on since the Pope announced his renunciation of the Chair of Peter, there have been persistent rumors circulating about the cause ranging from the “Butler” Scandal, to the SSPX reconciliation, to foreign governments seeking to jail him, and the latest being a cabal of organized Sodomites within the Vatican blackmailing prelates, including Cardinal to get their ends.

Obviously, the foreign government thing is the least likely as the Pope, as head of State, has immunity from prosecution, regardless of whether or not the accusations are true or not. However, the cabal of Sodomites is plausible as both Randy Engel and Fr. Malachi Martin have both detailed in their writings and as news reports over the last 20 year at least can attest.

At any rate, such scandals only feed into the agendas of the enemies of the Faith, from the local anti-Catholic preacher to the Freemasonic politicos and worldwide wheelers and dealers. These are dark times for our Holy Mother Church and part of the chastisement since the latter part of the 20th century. Pray the Rosary for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as this is the only way for us to have any hope of the restoration of all things in Christ.

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.

Caveat: I’m not in any way giving or advocating any medical or financial advice but merely informing you of the controversies involved in this topic and the dilemma they present to the thinking Catholic in our times.  I do not intend to give medical or financial advice or take any responsibility for anyone else’s health, medical  or financial positions and decisions and as always encourage everyone to be fully informed, through personal research and contact a professional advisor before making any medical or financial decisions.


Special Note: Catholic Rural Solutions WordPress Weblog is a private blog run by Richard of Danbury, which promotes small-scale practical Catholic Distributist solutions for traditional Catholic families, and is centered on the Tridentine Rite of Mass and the integral and unadulterated Sacraments pre-VCII. We also have available to the readership many valuable and interesting files, photos and other helpful information on Distributism, gardening, small-scale livestock, preserving and misc. recipes, as well as, a comprehensive book list at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Catholic_Rural_Solutions/



About Catholic Rural Solutions

This group is for the practical application of Catholic Distributist teachings as promoted by Pope St. Pius X, Belloc, Chesterton, Maurin and others in the 20th century. This group is also a respite for traditional Catholics who adhere to the Tridentine Rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and who share a concern for small independent Catholic communities throughout the world. These communities while primarily small holding farmers, craftsmen and tradesman all espouse an integrated life based on Catholic Social Justice and the Sacred Magisterium of the Church. Through this we intend to inject the Distributist economic principles into the greater society. Please fell free to share your experiences in this vein. Flaming, proselytizing and persecution WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
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  1. Mimi Smith says:

    Great! Thanks Richard for including the narrated chapter from the Open Letter.   A couple from S.W., who snowbird it to Florida for the winter have been in touch and upset about the Pope.    It’s difficult to explain all the Church problems w/o overwhelming them and they aren’t here for me to give them the book.   And whala,  you have for them the first chapter.  I hope they will listen.   Maybe they will sign up for you newsletter. I can’t wait to sit back and listen to the Archbishop myself. You do a great job.   Thank you again.

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