GMOs: Researchers debate the safety of genetically modified foods




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GMOs: Researchers debate the safety of genetically modified foods



As a follow-up to my several previous articles on GMO’s, here is yet another news article and video about the so-called Frankenfoods. Please note that this Fox News item is essentially slightly left of neutral on the position of GMO’s, which is understandable since Monsanto, the world’s largest of GMO seed producer, is a huge economic and commercial force in the world.

Further, while it is quite easy for Dr. Wald, who seems to be opposed to GMO’s, to advise staying away or cutting back on GMO consumption, it is virtually impossible to do so, as the GMO’s are now readily cross-pollinating with natural crops. This genetic cross-pollination is known to geneticists as “flow”. Now imagine since the introduction of GMO’s in 1995 the immense ripple-effect of flow in products such as corn, which is an immense product of our farms both large and small.

As this article’s thrust seems to be labeling, such a measure is just a finger in the dike, so to speak, because such labeling will not account for flowing of GMO’s into natural crops. The best course of action is to grow your own produce where possible; yet, even then, we cannot be 100% sure of untainted foodstuffs because the Pandora’s Box effect has been tripped and the genie is now out of the bottle.

One final note on this video is that the one proponent of the safety of GMO’s is saying there have been no substantial studies done to prove ill effects of consumption of GMO’s. This, however, is a fudging of the truth since many smaller studies do indicate a relationship with many serious human health effects of GMO consumption. Just as the Big-Ag and Big-Pharma seem to downplay the obvious connection of vaccines with autism, we are now seeing a connection with deleterious health effects of consumption of GMO’s in humans and livestock. Remember, that the serious and extensive research is largely controlled by the Big-Ag and Big-Pharma industries and they will quash any and all who do research independently. Also, should you still be relying on the various Agricultural Depts. and the FDA as watchdogs over these massive and powerful corporations, remember, there is a revolving door between these agencies and these corporations. Many of the personnel in the agencies were once in the industries in question and vice-versa. This alone speaks volumes of the independence of research done on GMO’s. This is without mentioning that many of the various State Agricultural Colleges get generous research donations to research GMO’s. Needless, to say this triggers the Golden Rule effect: that is, he who has the gold makes the rules.  

These GMO’s are a deep, hidden, and wide ranging environmental issue and instead of figuring out which green product to wash you dishes and clothes in, consumers should be paying more attention to the issue of GMO’s and its effects on the human food chain. Whether or not to use chlorine bleach is a smokescreen to dampen our drive for the immense impacts of GMO’s, so wake up and smell the coffee.

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Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.


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4 Responses to GMOs: Researchers debate the safety of genetically modified foods

  1. Mike says:

    This seems to be one of the few issues the Right and the Left both agree on, and I think I recall Obama making promises to his supporters to get GMO labeling. One of the few legitimate functions of government is to protect the people from those who would do them harm. Yet our massive, bloated government can’t seem to even do that on the most basic level (they’re too busy spying on us and meddling in our lives). They want to tell us what size soft drink we can drink, but the integrity of our FOOD SUPPLY falls through the cracks. However, our political controllers have little concern about the “will of the people”. It’s like you said … the Golden Rule.

    Where is that darn reset button?

    • Actually, the only legitimate function of government as outlined in the Constitution is to safeguard our liberties. Protecting from harm is the responsibility of the individual and this is done through knowledge and investigation. For the government to usurp this personal responsibility is to acknowledge its role as a Nanny-State and we’ve seen where this leads, Great Britain is just one example among many. No one wants to see this happen here in the U.S. but it is occurring little by little. Thus the appeal of Ron Paul.

  2. Mimi Smith says:

      Richard,       First thought is fear. But instead, we’re reminded to hope and prayall the more for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!   P.S. Also, I want to ask if you realize the ham radio doesn’t plug into an AC outlet, but instead needs a power supply geared for ham radios.    They are out there in abundance to purchase used, and I bet if you called the club you visited, they would have one to sell at a reasonable price.   You can check them out on ebay.   Amtron is a common one, also MFJ has one.   theses are only 2 of the brands out there.

  3. Mimi Smith says:

    Richard,       Sorry I made a mistake.   One of the brands of power supplies is Astronnot Amtron. See, I really don’t know much about radios.

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