The Existence of Hell

Lake of FIreThe readership of the CRS WordPress Blog is invited to travel on over to my alternate blog Preternatural Quest ( ) where I’ve posted the subject article.

As many of you know this alternate blog Preternatural Quest was formed in response to the popular media depictions of the “spiritual”, more correctly labeled the occult and New Age. This site was not only meant to teach orthodox Catholic thinking on a variety of spiritual issues but to also visit and refute many of the so-called haunted spots here in the Northeast, pointing out their obvious contradictions from the Faith. Since the local parishes no longer preach against many occult practices, indeed, some even promote them, is a grassroots effort to refute and dissuade these pop-culture fads and spiritual excursions into dangers to both body and soul.

As usual please feel free to visit, comment, reply and rate the blog, as well as, the CRS blog.

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.

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