Happy Tax Day

Happy Tax Day

UStaxSo here it is Tax Day 2014. This is the deadline day that we must open our spleens and give blood to the Federal and most State governments, not to pay for services but to solely pay the interest on our massive debt. Yes, like the old Mafia expression; …the interest or the vig, proposes that we pay the annual vig to keep our debt going so our children and grandchildren can have the pleasure of enslavement to debt. The shame of it is we not only willingly accept the circumstances of this debt but actually clamor for more as we enthusiastically back Politian-hatched schemes of more and more wars worldwide and social programs that shackle our progeny for generations to come.

It is worth noting that National Tax Day occurs April 15 of every year and is more regular than the swallows return to Capistrano. This is not the only day associated with taxes as there is also increasingly celebrated, (by the citizenry at least, but not the politicians), the Tax Free Day, which is the day that the nation as a whole can celebrate when they stop effectively working for the government; and you, yes you, the hardworking Joe the Plumber types get to spend your own hard-earned money as you see fit, sans the payment to banks on mortgages and loans; to oil and electric companies on power; educational institutions for your kids; etc. etc. etc… Leaving you with a whopping grand total of disposable income of $1.98; just enough to celebrate with a thimble full of Jack Daniels? Tax Free Day, the day you stop being a State Employee (without benefits) for 2014 is calculated this year as April 21st. So this means that for nearly 1/3 of the year you are working for the government! An employ without benefit is in essence a wage slave, no?

Now, let’s get back to Tax Day, April 15th. It has been my contention, and I’ve mentioned this to several professional politicians to no avail, that Tax Day should be inextricably tied to Election Day. As it now stands Election Day is a full six months behind tax day, allowing the voting public to get over the sting of taxes. Do you think this is accidental? The American voting public, opiated by TV and other entertainments has a very, very short memory and the political machine plays on this weakness. SO in order to level the playing field I contend that Tax Day be tied, permanently, to Election Day. If Election Day is November 2nd than Tax Day need follow within three days, not business days or working days, but three days. Therefore, theoretically if Election Day is on a Tuesday, Tax Day must be on Friday; when the anger and sting is fresh in the minds of the electorate. This will have the added benefit of ending the dynasties of political clans like the Kennedys, Cuomos, and all the other “royal” families of politics; forcing them to rely on an honest living, …well as honest as a lawyer can get, anyway. Obviously, this will never happen… but I can dream can’t I?

With all the above in mind, below you will find a YouTube video of Stephan Molyneux who presents his thoughts mingled with facts about the taxes that you, I, and our offspring will continue to pay in perpetuity. When listening to his presentation, bear in mind that the United States Constitution did not allow for an income tax. Essentially, the only Constitutional tax is sales tax, which can be controlled by the citizenry who will regulate what they purchase.

Warning: Mr. Molyneux speech, which is full of righteous indignation, is peppered with justifiable expletives; but don’t let this stop you from listening to this important presentation, as he talks about useless social programs and how they enhance our tax debt. Simply send the kids from the room.

Here is the web citation:

Here’s another thing to cogitate on from Wikipedia:
Note well the Percentage of Taxes Paid Table since 1900, it is an eye opener.

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.


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