Smart Phones: Dumb People

Smart Phones – Dumb People

As technology advances the oxymoron of the social media becomes increasingly anything but social. I’ve long advocated that the screens separate us; they separate families; friends; and business associates … and I’m not even mentioning content here but just the mere fact of using a screened device. Television, videos, gaming, and cell phones are dividing us, dumbing us down, and likely causing psychological effects that will have long term effects for future generations.
I can’t seem to find words adequate enough to bring the depth of this concept home, so I will let this clever and thought provoking video say what I cannot.

Look Up!

damned_children 1Man is a social being and cannot thrive in a relationship with a machine. You especially don’t do your children any kindness by buying them the latest socially isolating gadget. Ditch the screen, any and all screens, now; your quality of life depends on it. As my sainted parents used to say: Turn off the TV and go out and get the stink off of ya! Sage advice from the past! After all it is not nicknamed the boob-tube for nothing… besides how many people on their deathbeds will be saying: I wish I had just one more hour on X-Box®.
Pray the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.
Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.


About Catholic Rural Solutions

This group is for the practical application of Catholic Distributist teachings as promoted by Pope St. Pius X, Belloc, Chesterton, Maurin and others in the 20th century. This group is also a respite for traditional Catholics who adhere to the Tridentine Rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and who share a concern for small independent Catholic communities throughout the world. These communities while primarily small holding farmers, craftsmen and tradesman all espouse an integrated life based on Catholic Social Justice and the Sacred Magisterium of the Church. Through this we intend to inject the Distributist economic principles into the greater society. Please fell free to share your experiences in this vein. Flaming, proselytizing and persecution WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
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