Organic Farming Under Attack

Natural, Wholesome, Small-holdings Under Continual Attack

As the culture abandons the Principal of Subsidiarity, that is, governance and management from the closest level of things governed; and as we see the trend to centralized planning, (as in the errors of Russia only on a mega-corporate level), we are finding more and more restriction on our liberty to provide for our own wholesome and nutritious sustenance. Michigan only within the past two or three weeks introduced legislation that would restrict small-holdings right to produce, cultivate, and husband small animals such as goats, chickens, rabbits, etc. within townships.
Now we see an assault against practical wholesome nutrition by a more centralized Federal government in the form of a restrictions being proposed that would limit the flexibility of organic farms, both large and small, in the production of foodstuffs. One might justifiably ask why such counterproductive actions are constantly being undertaken. The answer is that as our society and the new global One World Order hive mentality takes form it is incumbent on cooperating governments to herd us all into the system of big-ag, big-pharma, and big-medicine. In essence, it is designed to legislate the organic food industry, most especially the small-holding family producers, out of existence.
This latest form of assault is the proposed FDA restriction of organic producers by imposing ridiculous hoops through which the farmers to jump.
Here is the web citation:
FDA To Ban Organic Farming?

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.

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