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With a Chick-chick…

With a Chick-chick Here and a Chick-chick There… Six weeks ago one of the hens became broody. For those who may not know what that is, it is when a hen relentlessly sits on a clutch of eggs in the … Continue reading

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…And Never the Twain Shall Meet?!?!?!

…And Never the Twain Shall Meet?!?!? Since the crisis of the SSPX emerged from the occult shadows more than two years ago, it has been my observation, (and my vocalization to anyone who will listen), that the main thrust of … Continue reading

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Hunny-Bunny Happenin’s July 9, 2014

Hunny-Bunny Happenin’s July 9th 2014 The month of June was largely spent in maintenance, upkeep, and trimming. Comes St. John’s Day, (June 24th) classically referred to as Midsummer, as in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, is generally when the herbaceous … Continue reading

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