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So… What’s Up with That! This week has been really strange as regards the news both domestic and international. While seemingly divergent and independent stories: US – Ebola outbreaks, terror in the Canadian Parliament, deepening strife in Syria, dumping of … Continue reading

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Farmland (Editted)

It has come to my attention that the web citation is not posting as it should. This is one of the many quirks of WordPress, unfortunately. Sometimes the citation posts as it should sometimes not; with no rime or reason. … Continue reading

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Let the Men of Wisdom Speak 10/21/14

Let the Men of Wisdom Speak 10/21/14 In these days of mass confusion within the Catholic Church, when Modernists clergy masquerade as traditional, orthodox Catholic prelates, it is refreshing to hear of the polar opposite, that is, a Novus Ordo … Continue reading

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Response to Comment on: Target Economics

Dear Mr. Richard of Danbury, Many of us “good intentioned” citizens…. who have grown up in the deception of Novus Ordo life – but by God’s grace have been allowed to a clearer understanding of to some extent… and now … Continue reading

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Target: Economics

Target: Economics Needless to say, the economy, both domestic and international, is in shambles. From the neighborhood bank through the various national central banks, economic policy is in chaos. The result is that we as individuals, nations, and cooperative international … Continue reading

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Presenting the Bard of Avon

For Sooth, As Shakespeare Might have Written it… At a time in history and culture when our society, in an effort to find democratic equality, seeks to find the lowest common denominator of style and values it would seem our … Continue reading

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Up In Smoke…

Up In Smoke… Well, at the risk of bucking another pop-cultural trend I will once again broach a subject that will be very politically incorrect, (most especially with the fair sex), and that is cigars. I’m sure that at this … Continue reading

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