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The Completion of the Revolutionary Council

The Completion of the Revolutionary Council As the pendulum swings widely left and right within the Catholic Church, but ever increasingly falls closer to severing the Body of Christ on earth, we are witnessing the positioning and deployment of deceptive … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening Many folks think that these uncertain times call for ownership, or at least legal access or permission to use, large and small tracts of land. While this is true, to assure an abundant supply of food for yourself … Continue reading

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A Powerful Voice for the Speechless

We’ve all witnessed the scandal of the macabre and ghoulish merchants of death known as the Planned Parenthood… the alleged voice of the rights of women, both in this country and throughout the world. Now listen to an advocate for … Continue reading

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Comments on the Uncertain Times and the Looming Crash …and Changes in the Focus of CRS As noted by many folks I’ve not submitted many articles this year to date. The reasons are varied and run the gamut from focus … Continue reading

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