Hunny-Bunny Farm Garden Amendment Inventory

Hunny-Bunny Farm Garden Amendment Inventory

The common misconception among neophytes gardeners, homesteaders, and those who think that foodstuffs come from the supermarket is that fall is the time to sit back on you haunches, drink mulled apple cider, and admire the vibrant fall foliage… nothing could be further from the truth. The fall season is among the busiest, arguably contending with spring. Fall is the time of harvest, culling of herds, drying, pickling, canning, and other chores needed to “put back” the harvest into the larder. Among the forgotten chores is also the preparation for next year’s garden season.

SoilWhether testing, amending, mulching, turning compost, cover-cropping, just plain covering with light impervious sheeting, all preparations are now geared to next year’s garden. A large part of this is preparing for soil amending. A little of this can be done now, such as spreading compost to blend and enhance soil; and some is inventorying your soil supplements to add to the garden in late winter and early spring.

While here at Hunny-Bunny Farm we try to go with as organic and natural farming as practicable, depending on the crop or species it is sometimes necessary to “fudge” a little. As an example, poison ivy, so profuse here, is typically attacked with an inorganic herbicide because we have so many rugrats and yaps running around the place that we can’t take chances with the effects this noxious and pernicious vine might have on them. That said, when it comes to the orchard, we garden strictly organically; so fruit yields will not be as picture perfect as many consumers have come to expect from the commercial food stores. Organic gardening also means that you sacrifice aesthetics for increased nutritional quality, thus, your organic fruits may be misshapen, blotchy, soft with early signs of early decomposition, and yes, even worms and grubs in some portion of the fruit. All of this is strictly appearances, so being true to my Polish peasant ancestral motto, use everything but the oink, all parts are utilized; in the case of grubs the good portion is cut out and the wormy portion goes to the hens. Nothing wasted!

Now for the subject at hand, as is my want I inventory all my soil amendments and supplements to determine what will be needed in the late winter early spring of 2016. SO here it is:

Note that non-organic is in Red font with explanations in the table to explain use.
Brand Primary Ingredient -Purpose
Bonide Dormant Oil Petroleum oil (Superior Paraffinic) Smother various pests in the varied stages of development
Bull’s-eye Bioinsecticide Spinosad A biological control of insects and fungi
YieldBooster Starter fertilizer & micronutrients A complete fertilizer for seedlings and young plants
Garden’s Alive Plant Guardian Bacillius Subtilis A biological fungicide
Garden’s Alive Herb Alive An N-P-K formula fertilizer An N-P-K formula for herbs
Epsoma Triple Phosphate Super Phosphate For root, flower, and fruit development
Azomite Granulated Trace Minerals Micro-nutrient
Worm Power Worm Castings Micro-nutrients
Epsoma Greensand, 0-0-0.1 Micro-nutrients
Epsoma Natural Rock Phosphate Phosphorus
Epsoma Garden-tone Natural Plant Fertilizer
DoctorRx Pelletized Lime Soil sweetener
Epsoma Garden lime dust Soil sweetener
Miracle Grow Peat Moss Natural soil acidifier
Epsoma Bone Meal Natural Phosphorus
Epsoma Blood Meal Natural Nitrogen
Epsoma Kelp Meal
Epsoma Ground Sulfur Natural soil acidifier
Epsoma Garden Acidifier Natural soil acidifier
Bonide Soil Acidifier Natural soil acidifier
Hollytone Soil Acidifier Natural soil acidifier
Bonide Sulfur plant fungicide Natural fungicide
Dexol Bordeaux Mixture Natural fungicide
Safer Insecticidal Soap w/ pyrethrum Natural insecticide
Alaska Fish emulsion fertilizer, 5-1-1 Natural fertilizer
Bonide Cap ’t Jack’s Dead Bug w/ spinosad Natural Insecticide
Ortho Rotenone Dust Natural insecticide
Hot Pepper Wax Pepper wax spray Natural insect repellent
Superthrive Plant vitamins Natural plant vitamins
Ortho Brush-B-Gone Inorganic brush killer Used on the poison ivy and the mile-a-minute vine.
Ortho Systemic Rose Care Inorganic insecticide, fungicide, & fertilizer Was previously used on hybrid Tea Roses
Ortho Diazinon Dust Inorganic insecticide Used on the foundation perimeter to deter carpenter ants
Orchid food Inorganic insecticide As stated orchid fertilizer
Spectricide Weed & Grass Killer Inorganic brush killer Again, poison ivy, et al
Dynamite Flower and Vegetable food Inorganic food for ornamentals only Exclusively on ornamental plants

As can be seen, I have quite a collection of supplements and all will be used over the course of the upcoming seasons.

At this point I would also refer readers to a reprise of past articles dealing with the use and application of these supplements as well as the testing of the soil. This would be a most helpful review, not only now in the fall but also in the late winter and early spring season.

Here are the web citations:

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