The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

…or the Synod of Revolution

holdhatsIn my past corporate life there was a certain segment of the executive management level that practiced what was then known as gamesmanship. Their individual aim was not the team goal of building a successful company but in “playing” the corporate ladder to gain personal advantage and position within the corporate structure. Generally speaking, these executives rather than using the proper business formula of:
1. identifying the problem;
2. determining the cause;
3. brainstorming potential solutions;
4. implementing one solution; and
5. monitoring this solution,

They would:
1. make up the problem;
2. find a bogus cause;
3. come up with a predetermined individual solution;
4. if convincing, implement said predetermined solution;
5. then, remind everyone what a valuable asset they are to the company.

Obviously, at least for most astute people, it would seem that this scenario is contrived not to advance the success of the company but to enhance the career of the executive. Yet, for the most part, this is a widely played form of gamesmanship that spans various industries and corporations and largely works because the perpetrator generally feeds the ego of his bosses.

Now we have the recent Synod on the Family of the Catholic Bishops of the world. From the information leaked out, (and there was much judicious leaking), we can conclude a lot of gamesmanship was afoot: from rumors of cardinals and bishops of both liberal and conservative persuasion walking out of the synod, to flat-out, matter-of-fact statements of key members of the synod. In the end what we have is the classic gamesmanship scenario beginning with a bogus cause. The advertised cause was the re-admittance to Sacramental life of civilly divorced and remarried Catholics, which essentially is the denial of adultery as an impediment to reception of Holy Communion. This was in addition to the apparent acceptance of Sodomy as a viable alternative lifestyle for a practicing Catholic. We will not get into the inherently sinful nature of both of these at this time as this deserves an exclusive article to fully explore.

While these were the professed goals of the synod the overarching reason for the Synod was to engineer and usurp the power of the Papacy in ruling the Catholic Church. Clearly the occult agenda was the introduction and implementation of the new paradigm of synodal ruling of the Catholic Church, that is, the culmination of Vatican Council II’s introduction of so-called collegiality. This is an example of the ultimate gamesmanship of a bogus cause with the ensuing program of solution … the completion of the demolition of the Catholic Church as had been known for centuries. Effectively, this synodal governance democratizes the Church, thus opening the Dogma, doctrines, and morals to democratic popular rulings of what constitutes right and wrong. It is the chaotic harrowing of the reflection of the Divine celestial governance from the top down, that is, from God down; this new synodal governance is rule by the grassroots. It is the culmination of the anthropomorphic character of revolution in our times. Clearly, we are witness to the end of the Roman Catholic Church as we know it and the official institutional installation of the Great Apostasy.

The overriding shame of this is that all the above is with the complicity, collusion, and consent of this revolutionary pope.

May God have mercy on us!

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.


About Catholic Rural Solutions

This group is for the practical application of Catholic Distributist teachings as promoted by Pope St. Pius X, Belloc, Chesterton, Maurin and others in the 20th century. This group is also a respite for traditional Catholics who adhere to the Tridentine Rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and who share a concern for small independent Catholic communities throughout the world. These communities while primarily small holding farmers, craftsmen and tradesman all espouse an integrated life based on Catholic Social Justice and the Sacred Magisterium of the Church. Through this we intend to inject the Distributist economic principles into the greater society. Please fell free to share your experiences in this vein. Flaming, proselytizing and persecution WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
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2 Responses to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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  2. Nick says:

    Good article, except for the confusion engendered by the final sentence. I don’t understand how an actual real pope could actually be a real revolutionary. Perhaps the Great Apostasy along with the apostate head of an apostate institution masquerading as the Roman Catholic Church ( which cannot teach errors of faith and morals ) has already been in existence for a while now ? May God have mercy on us.

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