Is the Looming Economic & Social Collapse Orchestrated?

Is the Looming Economic & Social Collapse Orchestrated?

At the outset of the Catholic Rural Solutions blog in 2005 my premise was to forewarn, based on my observations of the previous 20 to 25 years, that the times were rapidly reaching a low point as Western Culture and economics, as interpreted at the time, were effectively untenable and unsupportable. It was a time of, “greed is good” and materialism in the contemporary mind was the highest end. The bumper-sticker stating: the one who dies with the most toys wins was ubiquitous. However, as experience demonstrates where there are winners there are inevitably losers. In the 80’s, when in the zenith of my corporate career, I not only had access to all the great business periodicals and publications of the day, …some only available to insiders in industry and finance; I also had access to information not generally open to the public that directly affected my job. I quickly became aware that if an article appeared in these publications it was already “old” news and on which high-stakes wheelers and dealers had already acted upon. Indeed, the articles were strategically placed to enhance the financial positions taken by the high-stakes players and institutions. Meantime, the small scale but ambitious investors who dreamed of one day hobnobbing with the likes of the former, were left to just that … a dream, and relegated to emulating them by following their investments now, however, at inflated prices. In effect they became the losers consigned to the table scrapes of those, in the know, who had gone before.

The reader might well bawl: Cynic! Nevertheless, these were observations and experiences made over the course of the decades between then and now. So I’ve learned that when reading and article, listening to conversations from experts, or even in viewing a blog or vlog I must ask in regard to the speaker: Qui bono?, that is, who benefits? It is an adage that is used either to suggest a hidden motive or to indicate that the party responsible for something may not be who it appears at first to be. Even increasingly in the alternative media and news there are clear attempts to manipulate the public to buy something whether a tangible good as a hedge against a bad economic or social situation, or a subscription to an E-newsletter or periodical. Yes, even here we must ask Qui bono?

Considering the foregoing we now turn our attention to the impending societal collapse. Had the readers been paying attention over the years, CRS has been forewarning of this since inception; at first through the very low-key method of preparation, (so as not to overly frighten the timid), as our forebearers had so wisely done for the inevitable rainy day; then increasingly and vociferously shouting from the rooftops to try to avert the disaster that such a collapse represents. Ideally, over the span of CRS had the suggestions been followed we all should be situated on the family farm of not less than 10 acres; had learned skills and crafts to maintain some semblance of self-sufficiency; have stores put away for at least two years for every individual in the family and developed some alternative source of heat and energy. That said, we all know from experience that life has a way of getting in the way of the best laid and well intentioned plans. To the point that even I have not achieved the lofty goals of complete independence. Still, we all should, for the sake of our families, be somewhere on this road to self-sufficiency.

To the Subject at Hand

Is the looming economic and social collapse orchestrated? We must look at many current conditions within society at the moment which I will leave to reader to research for himself. A major state of affairs, even according to mainstream media, is a concerted and coordinated effort for a New World Oder of a common global destiny for mankind. With this formerly occult goal now exposed we must ask ourselves in light of the economic and social conditions since the turn of the 21st century… Qui bono? Who benefits? Throughout history we have seen that economic, social, military, religious, and financial events, sometimes even seemingly miniscule, have triggered major shifts in whole societies. The sinking of the battleship the Main in Havana Harbor ignited the Spanish-American War of 1898; the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand ushered in World War I, the war to end all war; the fictitious Gulf of Tonkin incident incited the Vietnam War; the false flag of Pearl Harbor signaled the USA’s entry into World War II; and even the questions involved in the 9/11 events prompted the War on Terror and the subsequent destruction of a myriad of North African and Middle Eastern countries. To the casual observer all the above incidents are seemingly random and unrelated, yet to each of these has been an occult agenda other than the advertised to sway popular opinion behind retaliatory and preemptive actions, as well as, the label of the so-called, spreading of democracy. Indeed, the above sighted triggers were prerequisites to the current state of the New World Order agenda of which the impending collapse will play a major part in coalescing and furthering their aims and goals.

So let’s ask the question in the event of a worldwide collapse, Qui Bono? Obviously, if nations are brought to their knees socially and economically the populations of each will look to the most organized and well-established authoritative organization available. In contemporary thinking such a “competent authority”, (despite horror stories of “peacekeepers” in occupied countries), is the United Nations and all its various subsidiaries, like ECOSOC, the World Health Organization, et al; as well as cooperative and autonomous NGO’s friendly to the goals and ambitions of the UN and the New World Order . At such point the UN will be able to dictate public policies that will accelerate the mandates of their Agenda 21, predominantly population control. This will not bode well for the people of the world, because the Golden Rule will once again apply, that is, he who has the gold makes the rules. You will note that regarding population I intentionally did not use the label of birth control or abortion, these will no doubt be requisites to receiving aid, but also the mandatory use of vaccines, which is nefarious and detrimental to the population at large will also be a requisite stipulation to any aid coming from the UN and company, hereinafter, called the New World Order collectively. For my fellow Catholic readers it is easy to see that this will lead to persecution based on our Catholic beliefs and practices resulting in much pressure for Catholics to conform from society at large.

Therefore, it is easily seen that like the many trigger events of the past, this economic and societal event is by design contrived to complete the transition of many nations into one New World Order with all the baggage and inferences that entails. Certainly we can see who benefits by such a widespread and devastating collapse. Clearly, all is still in a state of flux and the smoke obscures friend from enemy within the world. Suffice it to say that we in our little chapels and enclaves must overlook our petty differences with our fellow Catholic chapel-mates and cling together for the sake of not only our children but also for the traditional Catholic Faith. The times portend much suffering ahead.

Continue to pray the daily Rosary for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, as our obstinate hierarchy seems to avoid this, Our Lady’s express request, more and more… even when Vladimir Putin himself had reportedly requested it of Pope Francis.

Richard of Dambury, D.S.G.

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  1. nick says:

    Very good advice !

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