Ol’ Man Winter is not Releasing His Icey Grip

Update on Hunny-Bunny Farm March 2016

It seems Ol’ Man Winter must have misread his calendar this year because we didn’t get Ol man wintermuch of a winter season until the second half of March. While I was able, as is my habit, to get in the snow peas by St. Patrick’s Day, the snows, winds, and below season temperatures since then have not only retarded sprouting but also stopped me from further planting of cool season crops, like Kale, Spinach, lettuce, cabbage, etc.

The late onset of snow and low temps did allow me to get much of my spring chores done, in fact, except for planting both outside and inside the greenhouse; I’ve caught up with most everything needed to get finished, including much of last year’s jobs, which had to wait because of my surgery in March 2015. I was able to prep for the quail as described in my previous post; I was able to clean and disinfect the rabbitry in preparation for my new bunny breed, that is, California rabbits. I bought these last fall and early winter and the stock is young and will ensure a long breeding life. I also ordered new strawberry plants as the old bed was pretty well worn out and now unproductive …strawberries are that way by nature and need to be replanted every 6 – 7 years. ‘Tators were also planted as the ground is warm enough and the weather will be more seasonable when the first shoots break ground.

In addition to the above I purchased and pickedup three new packages of honeybees. Though the cold, wind, snow and rain of this week hindered me in getting them hived, I was able to accomplish this on Wednesday last. As the temps have been below 57° F, a critical temperature at which honeybees fly, I believe that the package installation was a success. This season I’m trying a new hive set up in that I set up one Top Bar Hive, in addition to the usual Langstroth Hives. I also want to take another shot at queen rearing in order to increase the bee yard at no additional cost.

BTW, I’m an exception in my ancient Scot’s blood in being a beekeeper and here is why my people traditionally don’t keep bees…



As this week seems be the Swan Song of Winter 2015 /6, I would hope to get plantings accomplished this week and the garden season will be underway.

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.


About Catholic Rural Solutions

This group is for the practical application of Catholic Distributist teachings as promoted by Pope St. Pius X, Belloc, Chesterton, Maurin and others in the 20th century. This group is also a respite for traditional Catholics who adhere to the Tridentine Rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and who share a concern for small independent Catholic communities throughout the world. These communities while primarily small holding farmers, craftsmen and tradesman all espouse an integrated life based on Catholic Social Justice and the Sacred Magisterium of the Church. Through this we intend to inject the Distributist economic principles into the greater society. Please fell free to share your experiences in this vein. Flaming, proselytizing and persecution WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
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