Presidential Triumph 2016

Presidential Triumph 2016

What Happens Now…

Trump v HillaryWith the stunning defeat of Hillary and the Democrats what can we expect from a future Trump administration? Let me preface this by saying, from a Catholic standpoint, I personally don’t like Trump. He is not an exemplary Christian let alone not being a Catholic. He has been divorced twice and married three times, making him, by Catholic teaching, a bigamist. His reputation as an astute businessman is largely a fantasy, as he stands on the shoulders of his now deceased father who built the family foundational support from which President-elect Trump catapulted and on which he has fallen back upon at least one documented time. He is, at best, silent on the murder of children in mother’s womb, and at worst, in favor of a women’s right to choose with some restrictions. He has a libertarian view of Sodomy and the cultural changes occurring within the Greater Society. Finally he panders to the Zionist State of Israel, turning a blind eye on the sufferings of the Palestinians, 20 to 30% of whom are Christians under Israeli apartheid and land confiscations, which continues unabated under the nose of world media who report nothing on this form of ongoing genocide.

Now with the above stated, many good and faithful traditional Catholics, favored and voted for Trump and it is crucial to understand why this is so. First, as Catholics we will never find the ideal candidate to represent the true and complete Catholic Doctrines and Dogmas on this side of heaven. Therefore, we must use logic and reason to determine how we must proceed. Of course, prior, during and after our considerations we must have recourse to prayer. Next we must consider what is at stake. In the recent election, as in most elections, the next administration will appoint new members of the Supreme Court. Since most of the laws of late seem to be determined by judicial fiat rather than legislation, it is crucial that we have the most conservative nominees possible for this prospective judicial position. Remember, however, there is no guarantee that the judges will vote this way, i. e. the Sodomite Marriage Law imposed on the US last year where an alleged conservative voted in favor of the measure.

Second, and most importantly, conditions in the world are dangerously close to a nuclear World War III scenario. If Mrs. Clinton had been made President, it is my considered and educated opinion she would have been inclined to press the button to precipitate Armageddon; indeed, she has repeatedly stated that when it comes to Russia, Iran and Syria, “nuclear weapons” are on the table. In addition, the new Prime Minister of Great Britain, Teresa May, in a session of Parliament had stated that she will “use nuclear weapons, because of what use is a deterrent if one is not prepared to use it”. Great Britain is our traditional partners in all the Middle East interventions and adventures over the past ten years and with one unstable termagant backing another as Heads of State this would be a very precarious circumstance in which every living being in the world could be affected unto annihilation. Yikes and gadzooks! What circumstances, clearly, this is an astoundingly horrific prospect.

So now what of Trump and his projected administration? His reputation in business and the intercourse with New York City and State politics is one of a rogue who bucks the system. Obviously, despite some setbacks his accomplishments must have been achieved with some compromise, glad-handing and backslapping. In other words, he can play ball according to the situation when a goal is set. That said, his reputation, perceived or factual, precedes him with the result that he has many enemies such as: Wall Street and the international bankers, Democrats, the powerful Jewish and Israeli lobby, and even his own Republican Party…( the Mayor of Danbury, CT, a Republican, wrote in the name of his dog, Ellie Mai). It is therefore; plain to see that unless he knuckles under to these powerful adversaries he will be a lame duck President for all his term and thus an ineffectual President with little to no accomplishments. Being the astute man he is I’m sure he sees this and will be willing to compromise… yes even betray some of his espoused positions as candidate Trump of this and last year. A strong indication of this came on his acceptance speech when he praised Hillary for her long battle over the past two years, as well as, “her valued service to our country as Madame Secretary of State. Well, so much for: “lock her up!” and “put Hillary in an orange jumpsuit!”

Indeed I don’t see him following through with strict enforcement of our national borders. Neither will he, nor can he, stop illegal immigration. He will not, nor can he, deport the Middle Eastern, (read Muslim) refugees already brought into the country. He will not, nor can he, cut off financial aid to the illegal aliens that are already here. He cannot effectively lead the charge in a totally Republican Congress to rescind Obamacare, at best he may fine tune it. He will not put an end to our endless misadventures and incursions into the Middle East and other countries. He will not, nor is inclined to leave Syria and stop meddling in President Assad’s internal affairs. He cannot, nor is he inclined to pull NATO back from encroaching on Russia’s territorial boundaries, waterways and airspace assuring Vladimir Putin we can truly be partners in effectively reducing terrorism in all its forms. He will not, cannot, nor is inclined to instruct our CIA to withdraw ALL covert U.S. support for Muslim terror groups such as ISIS–in which case, they would quickly dissolve. Also he will not stop the CIA from covert operations designed to destabilize governments that have a handle on their own home-grown terrorist as did Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Iraq. In short he will comply with the juggernaut of the many-headed hydra overwhelming international politics, culture, society and religion, thus assist in ushering in the New World Order and all it embodies.

As regards the Catholic vote the margin for Trump was only three points reflecting the liberal bias of not only the greater society but also that of this Pope and the Vatican. On the other hand, I’m completely baffled by some in traditional Catholic circles who looked on Trump as a savior of traditional Catholic values; even going so far as to considerate it a miracle and thanking God for his election as President. Often they wax piously as if he were the second coming; clearly, an unbalanced and distorted view of the man.

In summary, Trump is merely a bump in the road for the forces of the NWO, a flea on the hide of an elephant. For true believing Catholics he is but a man and nothing more. He will not work wonders, nor bring back the temporal power of the Catholic Church, the true traditional Catholic Church. If we expect anything else of him we are delusional.

So let us continue to pray the Rosary for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, and this week, in particular, dedicate it to our lost and forlorn country. At this late date, remember it will be one hundred years in less than 11 months since this apparition, The Mother of God; the Theotokos is our last and best hope.

Richard of Danbury, D. S. G.


About Catholic Rural Solutions

This group is for the practical application of Catholic Distributist teachings as promoted by Pope St. Pius X, Belloc, Chesterton, Maurin and others in the 20th century. This group is also a respite for traditional Catholics who adhere to the Tridentine Rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and who share a concern for small independent Catholic communities throughout the world. These communities while primarily small holding farmers, craftsmen and tradesman all espouse an integrated life based on Catholic Social Justice and the Sacred Magisterium of the Church. Through this we intend to inject the Distributist economic principles into the greater society. Please fell free to share your experiences in this vein. Flaming, proselytizing and persecution WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
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4 Responses to Presidential Triumph 2016

  1. Barbara says:

    Richard, thank you. This is the best Catholic commentary I have read so far on the election outcome. May God have mercy on America, and on each one of us.

    And as to your mayor’s vote, he may be interested to know that the mayor of Cormorant MN is a dog named Duke. Your mayor might want to keep an eye on Ellie Mai.

    Your Scottish friend in New Jersey,

  2. Kristin Dolan says:

    I agree with most everything you said, Mr. McCormack, except I do think it was an act of Divine intervention that caused the witch to lose, despite all the vote fraud and media bias on her behalf. They didn’t expect her to lose, period. And they are still fomenting outrage to try and get a different result. God threw this country a bone. Trump is no saint, in fact, he is truly a bad man, with a disturbing past, but he is not wickedness personified and could change once he sees the powerful influence Satan and his minions have over souls and our country, an what this battle is truly about. God can use whomsoever He chooses to help His people. Surely, there are many good honest people in this country who love God and try to adhere to His Commandments, be they Evangelical Protestants, or Catholics; and He, being a good Father, has given us a possible reprieve from the impending New World Order and Deep State agenda hat would have been certainly rolled out during a witch presidency. Also President-Elect Trump has made it clear on several occasions that he is against at least partial birth abortion, and will appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court and do all he can to ban late term abortions. That is far better than what Kiilary had planned. How much of his good intentions and ideas will actually be able to be brought to fruition, only God knows. Probably not much in this corrupt system unless Heaven intervenes again. We need to show our gratitude to our heavenly King and start living as better Catholics, with prayers and sacrifices continuously for our families, for our Catholic Church, for our country, and for the whole world.



  3. Barbara says:

    Richard, thank you. This is the best Catholic response to the election that so far I have read. May God have mercy on America, and upon each one of us.
    As to your mayor who voted for his dog, he may want to note that the mayor of Cormorant MN is a dog named Duke. The mayor might want to keep an eye on Ellie Mai.
    Your Catholic, Scottish friend in New Jersey,

  4. nick says:

    Agreed with both the article, and the above comment. Well put, both of you.

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