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The Bronx… An Obscure Root of the Russian Revolution

The Bronx… an Obscure Root of the Russian Revolution Believe it or not…   it is an historical fact that one of the most notorious and ruthless leaders of the infamous Red Army and a mover and shaker of the Russian … Continue reading

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Expired?!?!?! In our times there is much confusion about almost every aspect of living day to day. Time was when things seemed more stable, for instance, in employment. Back in the day when you joined a company it was usually … Continue reading

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The Legend of Prester John

The Christian Legend of Prester John Of long forgotten contemporary Catholic memory is the Legend of Prester John, an alleged Christian Monarch of the Orient. The word prester is said to be a corruption of the word presbyter, meaning alternately … Continue reading

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The Polarizing Effect

The Polarization of the USA and Other Western Nations The sensational Trump landslide in both the popular and electoral vote along with the resulting melodramatic response from the left has made it evident to even the casual observer that the … Continue reading

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