The Polarizing Effect

The Polarization of the USA and Other Western Nations

The sensational Trump landslide in both the popular and electoral vote along with the resulting melodramatic response from the left has made it evident to even the casual observer that the American political differences are not simply matters of ideology but in reality go far deeper than earlier times in our history. The contentions we are witnessing express a hostility and belligerence that is noteworthy to say the least. So palpable is this it is even splitting families and friends along political and ideological lines. No matter, however, how apparently new this bellicosity appears it has been long in the making.

Since the revolutionary decade of the 1960’s our culture has been undergoing a foundational and fundamentally radical change… a Socialist Metamorphosis, if you will. In all spheres of our Western Culture: political; ideological; social; educational; religious; cultural; etc., drastic Socially Left concepts have crept into our society and in most cases have become institutionalized by both law and custom. Divorce, abortion, Sodomy, cohabitation, working wives and moms, day-care, the loss of Faith, exotic educational concepts such as Common Core, socialized medicine, and many other things have not only been implemented but largely embraced by the man in the street.

All of this has created a dichotomy that is the perfect environment for Trump’s election to the Presidency and the overreaction of the Left. Despite being largely responsible for Trump’s win, many of those under the age of 55 years old today have only a vague notion of conservative values. They lack the firsthand knowledge and experience of those gone before. They know the music, so to speak, but don’t know the lyrics, to use a poor metaphor. This creates in them a blind spot that often makes it difficult for them to justify their stance within themselves, to say nothing of being able to utilize apologetics effectively when confronted.

While we can debate the reasons why the Revolutionary 1960’s were so successful, I believe we can all agree that some combination of: the education system, television, and the news media are at its heart. However, an interesting aspect of the Election of 2016 is the polarization of the urban / suburban areas vs the rural sections of the nation. Country cousins were and are mostly red states, arguably because they work closer to nature on farms, fields, and forests for either work or recreation. This close relationship with nature, the handiwork of God, teaches them that things are not just handed to you but that you must work and work hard for them.

A second feature is that many of the Trump constituency is made up of blue-collar workers, sons of fathers who maned the mines, factories, and mills and knew the value of honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. These contemporary workers are the ones whose jobs have vanished overseas and who have suffered under misguided programs and schemes of the government, Republican or Democrat. They’ve seen our nation’s sovereignty eroded in favor of a New World Order, which will leave them with no jobs and subsistence living in the Land of Opportunity. Their reactive approach with some skill from the incoming administration could easily be transformed into a proactive force that will restore not only our sovereignty but also our industrial and financial strength. I digress, however.

The most remarkable contrast between the Urban / Suburban vs the Rural contrast is the mentality of the City Cousins. While they may have an intellectual knowledge of where their sustenance comes from, practically speaking milk comes from the shelf of the grocery store and not from the udder of a cow; they crave natural and organic foods but don’t realize the near Herculean task it is to grow it. They haul their trash to the curb and don’t fully appreciate what a personal burden it is to dispose of their own waste. They cavalierly flush the john with little if any thought about what happens after it lease the four walls of the toilet. In short, these people live life in an Ivory Tower with no worries unless there is a trash haulers strike or  a blackout; even then it becomes merely a short-term adventure.

ny-mentalityYet, despite their “charmed” living, they look down on the rest of us as deplorables simply because we wish to live a hard working honest life. It is like we only exist on the periphery of their vision and only as a nuisance. It is the epitome of the “New Yorker” mentality. To me this New Yorker image, even growing up in NYC, always revealed a level of arrogant ignorance beyond belief, yet to them is was a symbol of their intellectual superiority. What an outrage!

The ancient Chinese curse says: may you live in interesting times, and the next four to eight years will prove very interesting indeed. This most especially as we move into the 100 year commemoration of the Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima with still no Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Misguidedly folks the world over think that if they become more conservative politically and socially all will be well again, when a simple request by the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth is abandoned. Such a simple request, still not met, will clearly produce dire and catastrophic effects if not heeded. Pray for the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart… it is not too late to do so.

Richard of Danbury, D.S. G.



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