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Down Home Digest January 26, 2018

Down Home Digest January 26, 2018 It’s been sometime since I gave an update on what’s happening here at Hunny-Bunny Farm. Well, the winter of 2017-18 has come on like gang-busters. Here in New England we had a white Christmas … Continue reading

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The Definition of Stupidity…

It has been said that the definition of stupidity is repeating the same action over and over again expecting different results. Our economic system over the last few decades has been the epitome of just such stupidity. From the 1990’s … Continue reading

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The Insidious Side of the European Migrant Crisis

The Insidious Side of the European Migrant Crisis Since the beginning of the upheaval of North Africa and the Middle East at the very start of the 21st Century there has begun a gradual unfolding of a deliberate social engineering … Continue reading

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