The Insidious Side of the European Migrant Crisis

The Insidious Side of the European Migrant Crisis

Since the beginning of the upheaval of North Africa and the Middle East at the very start of the 21st Century there has begun a gradual unfolding of a deliberate social engineering of Europe. In an ill-conceived notion of compassion and mercy, virtues at the core of nominally Christian Europe’s values, many have welcomed these poor migrants not only as a temporary respite but a permanent home status. Since Western culture has been educated, not in analytic reasoning and logic for at least two generations, contemporary native European’s react with heartfelt passion rather than reason; not that compassion is bad, but without lucidity these genuine urges are potentially detrimental to not only those giving the aid and comfort, but to those receiving it as well. Not wishing to make this article a book, let’s analyze this with a little more depth.

Let’s begin from the beginning then. The 21st Century wars in North Africa and the Middle East, though ostensibly retaliation for the events of 911 and other places in the West, were actually preemptive actions toward the grand design of controlling the Middle East, specifically the oil production therein. Initially, the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was allegedly based on finding, arresting, and bringing to justice Osama Bin Laden and his ilk, but it has become a tar-baby for the US and their allies in a resource and youth consuming bog, in fact, the longest war in US history. There followed the so-called Arab Spring, which began in Tunisia in December, 2010 and dominoed into neighboring countries in North Africa along the Southern Coast of the Mediterranean. Other countries including Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and others were caught up in this alleged “grassroots” tumult, but this was merely a prerequisite to the larger objective of the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent and continuing attempt to unseat Assad in Syria. Suffice it to say that the entire Middle East is roiling and boiling with economic, social, solomon-kingdom-mapand cultural upheaval. Interestingly and coincidentally, aside from North Africa which as stated was preemptive, the Middle Eastern Countries now in chaos more or less fit the footprint of the historic Kingdom of Solomon and David, that is, the Greater Israel. The only obstacle to achieving this Zionist Dream is the alliance of Syria, Iran, Russia, China, and now the wild card of Kim Jung-Un’s North Korea. Aside: could this be the prophetic armies of the North… only God knows?

So here now is the scene: cities devastated beyond foreseeable repair; displaced peoples from mainly Moslem nations cold, hungry and ill; all with no hope of immediate repatriation; and all needing a place to go. Now enter the European’s with their misplaced compassion welcoming in hordes of immigrants (along with sleeper cells, rapists, and other miscreants), who not only accept their generous host’s charity, but demand it. …and why not, was it not the West’s aggressive adventures that caused their refugee status?

But, let us move on. While Europe, with the notable exceptions of Poland and Hungary, allow these teeming masses of resentment filled folks across Europe’s open borders, the native European’s, i.e. Germans, French, Danes, etc. are no longer reproducing themselves. They’ve swallowed the Malthusian hyperbole of their liberal Socialist teachers. With an average reproduction rate of 1.3 children, they cannot even replace their numbers, hence these new immigrants, who are reproducing at alarming rates, will, within the next generation or two, be the dominant people of Europe, with all that implies including possible totalitarian Islamic terrorist states in what was once the heart of Christendom. Now, however, I digress.

The most immediate effect of the above and one that is already occurring is the economic one. As the population of individual nation’s ages, with little to no one to replace them, the economies greatly suffer. We are now experiencing this with the age-advancing Baby-boomer generation. With a smaller pool to support the aging, the burden of care falls on fewer and fewer workers; and this does not count our pipe-dream Socialist entitlement programs and its wards. Thus we now are witnessing a dearth of meaningful jobs coupled with shadow unemployment and the consequences of earlier social engineering, that is, the flight of industrial and manufacturing jobs, which are true productive jobs, to second and third world countries.

Below find a YouTube video detailing these stated economic effects. Please take the time to watch this short 10 minute video so you can understand the depths of the problems we face.

Here is the web citation:

Please, please, please don’t simply bury your heads in the sand and leave all up to the promises of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Yes, this is important, but God expects us to persevere and fight until He returns… should we not do anything to save ourselves is not only the sin of presumption but simply does not deserve our Redemption. For starters, we must support our small parishes and groups of parishes, we must support our Bishops and clergy who still hold and teach the traditional Catholic Faith. We also must support our schools, the brooders of future Faithful, not only by financial support but also by sending our kids no matter the personal costs to our time and pocketbooks. Additionally, there is so much more we can do but I leave this to the reader’s own meditative prayers and thoughts.

Continue to pray the Rosary of our Blessed Virgin Mary, it is our last best hope, but know that it is not the only hope. Much depends on us.

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.


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One Response to The Insidious Side of the European Migrant Crisis

  1. Ray says:

    Our Blessed mother depends on our efforts to fulfill her requests of the five first Saturday’s,
    It’s sad to see at our little chapel only a dozen people making this effort.

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