The Legend of Prester John

The Christian Legend of Prester John

prester-johnOf long forgotten contemporary Catholic memory is the Legend of Prester John, an alleged Christian Monarch of the Orient. The word prester is said to be a corruption of the word presbyter, meaning alternately presider or priest depending on the times and the interpreter. Be that as it may, the story of Prester John is a blending of remote history, myth and legend culminating in a Christian character of immense and epic proportions; an inspirational hero who inspired not only Crusaders but many Oriental missions of actual revered saints.

Prester John has the distinct honor of being the embodiment of not only a priest but also a powerful earthly king. Legend has it that he is a descendent of the Three Magi, whose offspring intermarried with the ultimate progeny of a great Christian Monarch of the East. The tales go on to say that he was a convert and disciple of St. Thomas, the Apostle of India and is therefore regarded as the King of India, not only in legend but in some dubious historical documents. To make matters even murkier, the Middle Ages European only had a vague notion of geographical India and no concept of the historical area of India as we now know it to be. Some contemporaries of the time thought India consisted of either a part or a whole of a vast geographical crescent extending from the Ukraine through Georgia, down through modern India and even across the Arabian Sea to Ethiopia, the legendary home of the Wise Man, Balthazar. Balthazar according to further legend is the “Black-skinned Magi” who offered the Myrrh to Our Newborn Lord Jesus Christ. At the time, Ethiopia was called Saba, (often associated with the Biblical Land of Sheba).

Amazingly, the figure of Prester John seems to have existed in all ages from the time of the Apostle Thomas until and beyond the Crusades of the Levant, that is, the Middle East Crusades for the Holy Land.  Most, both now and today, don’t believe he, as a great Christian monarch, was preserved from aging, but merely his legend pops up in each succeeding generation. Needless to say, most today see him only as a legend and an inspirational Christian character. That said, many Christians over the centuries were moved in their actions by this great Christian monarch.

St. Francis Xavier was so certain that there existed in the Orient a true Christian Monarch that he embarked on his Providential Missions to the East with a notion of meeting and allying himself with him so that the entire world, through this Monarchs temporal power, might know and believe the Catholic Faith. St Francis’ initial mission field was India, where he hoped to meet the Catholic King of India. His conversions here were only moderately successful because his subjection to Lady Poverty, as well as, his ministering and “touching” the untouchables met with great resistance from the Brahman nobles.

He then ventured to Japan, via Malacca, where met a noble Samurai who regaled him with the feats of a Great Emperor of his homeland, Nippon or Japan as it is now known. Surely he thought, this could be the Great Monarch of the East; or at least a stepping stone in Christianizing the Orient. On arrival in Japan, he soon realized that his pauper and dowdy presentation off-put the Lords and Emperor of Japan. He therefore, invoked not only his Papal Representation but also his Commission from the King of Portugal, John I, to give the idea he was a peer. Adopting a religious habit more closely resembling the raiment of Japanese lords and rulers, (albeit black) he was more easily accepted and was able to expand within Japan, and influence many to true conversion, most especially of the commoners. However, he soon realized that the Emperor of Japan was largely a figurehead for a continuously battling nobility who vied for ultimate temporal power with little regard or devotion to the true Faith. He therefore reasoned that since the Japanese culture was largely and offshoot of the Chinese that the Great Monarch of the Orient must be somewhere in the vast reaches of China.

In China he was met with a widespread xenophobia of all Western culture and religion by the Chinese. The great lords of this country were largely interested in limited trade with the West and disregarded, ignored and largely mistrusted the strange religion of the foreigners. He did have many conversions among the people themselves and he might have made great inroads for the Catholic Faith only God saw fit bring him home. At any rate, while his missions to the Orient are fairly successful with still many Catholic Faithful today ascribing their conversion all the way back to him, he never did discover the Great Christian Monarch of the Orient.

Others, through the history of the West have also been given inspiration by the Legend of Prester John; the later Crusaders being an example. After the Second and Third Crusades many European kings, monarchs, and Emperor were very reluctant to undertake another retaking of the Holy Land for Christ largely due to the overwhelming expense.  Seemingly spontaneously the Legend of Prester John once again revived giving new motivation for the possibility of The Great Christian Monarch of the Orient aligning with the Roman Catholic Faith.  This would not only mean the vanquishing of the Saracens but also the possibility of uniting the world in the One, True Faith. However, that said, the “rest is history” so to speak and we all know the results of the final Crusades and their effect on Western History.

With the smallness of the contemporary world and the advances in modes of travel and communications the Legend of Prester John and our hopes for a temporally Catholic world have ostensibly vanished. Possibly such hopes may have transferred to the private revelations of the prophesied Great Catholic Monarch to come near the end times. Or perhaps they are merely vague references to the enduring Legend of Prester John. Maybe, just maybe, we can combine both of these hopes with the possibility of Vladimir Putin being the long awaited Great Christian Monarch of the Orient, that is, the contemporary revival of the Prester John legend… ☺. This, of course, is offered by my wry sense of humor and as an inside joke for some of the readership who know me personally.

So in conclusion, for the Catholic we await our salvation not by the exploits of some legendary or prophesied future Monarch but in the promise of Our Lord Jesus Christ, through his Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Therefore, please continue to offer your daily Rosaries for Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Here is where our hope and recourse truly lie.

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Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.

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The Polarizing Effect

The Polarization of the USA and Other Western Nations

The sensational Trump landslide in both the popular and electoral vote along with the resulting melodramatic response from the left has made it evident to even the casual observer that the American political differences are not simply matters of ideology but in reality go far deeper than earlier times in our history. The contentions we are witnessing express a hostility and belligerence that is noteworthy to say the least. So palpable is this it is even splitting families and friends along political and ideological lines. No matter, however, how apparently new this bellicosity appears it has been long in the making.

Since the revolutionary decade of the 1960’s our culture has been undergoing a foundational and fundamentally radical change… a Socialist Metamorphosis, if you will. In all spheres of our Western Culture: political; ideological; social; educational; religious; cultural; etc., drastic Socially Left concepts have crept into our society and in most cases have become institutionalized by both law and custom. Divorce, abortion, Sodomy, cohabitation, working wives and moms, day-care, the loss of Faith, exotic educational concepts such as Common Core, socialized medicine, and many other things have not only been implemented but largely embraced by the man in the street.

All of this has created a dichotomy that is the perfect environment for Trump’s election to the Presidency and the overreaction of the Left. Despite being largely responsible for Trump’s win, many of those under the age of 55 years old today have only a vague notion of conservative values. They lack the firsthand knowledge and experience of those gone before. They know the music, so to speak, but don’t know the lyrics, to use a poor metaphor. This creates in them a blind spot that often makes it difficult for them to justify their stance within themselves, to say nothing of being able to utilize apologetics effectively when confronted.

While we can debate the reasons why the Revolutionary 1960’s were so successful, I believe we can all agree that some combination of: the education system, television, and the news media are at its heart. However, an interesting aspect of the Election of 2016 is the polarization of the urban / suburban areas vs the rural sections of the nation. Country cousins were and are mostly red states, arguably because they work closer to nature on farms, fields, and forests for either work or recreation. This close relationship with nature, the handiwork of God, teaches them that things are not just handed to you but that you must work and work hard for them.

A second feature is that many of the Trump constituency is made up of blue-collar workers, sons of fathers who maned the mines, factories, and mills and knew the value of honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. These contemporary workers are the ones whose jobs have vanished overseas and who have suffered under misguided programs and schemes of the government, Republican or Democrat. They’ve seen our nation’s sovereignty eroded in favor of a New World Order, which will leave them with no jobs and subsistence living in the Land of Opportunity. Their reactive approach with some skill from the incoming administration could easily be transformed into a proactive force that will restore not only our sovereignty but also our industrial and financial strength. I digress, however.

The most remarkable contrast between the Urban / Suburban vs the Rural contrast is the mentality of the City Cousins. While they may have an intellectual knowledge of where their sustenance comes from, practically speaking milk comes from the shelf of the grocery store and not from the udder of a cow; they crave natural and organic foods but don’t realize the near Herculean task it is to grow it. They haul their trash to the curb and don’t fully appreciate what a personal burden it is to dispose of their own waste. They cavalierly flush the john with little if any thought about what happens after it lease the four walls of the toilet. In short, these people live life in an Ivory Tower with no worries unless there is a trash haulers strike or  a blackout; even then it becomes merely a short-term adventure.

ny-mentalityYet, despite their “charmed” living, they look down on the rest of us as deplorables simply because we wish to live a hard working honest life. It is like we only exist on the periphery of their vision and only as a nuisance. It is the epitome of the “New Yorker” mentality. To me this New Yorker image, even growing up in NYC, always revealed a level of arrogant ignorance beyond belief, yet to them is was a symbol of their intellectual superiority. What an outrage!

The ancient Chinese curse says: may you live in interesting times, and the next four to eight years will prove very interesting indeed. This most especially as we move into the 100 year commemoration of the Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima with still no Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Misguidedly folks the world over think that if they become more conservative politically and socially all will be well again, when a simple request by the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth is abandoned. Such a simple request, still not met, will clearly produce dire and catastrophic effects if not heeded. Pray for the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart… it is not too late to do so.

Richard of Danbury, D.S. G.



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♫ Mary Had a Little Fib…♫

♫ Mary Had a Little Fib…♫

Well as the saying goes, better late than never. While the USA’s Thanksgiving Day is nearly a week gone by I herewith present the truth about Thanksgiving. I don’t wish to burst anyone’s bubble surrounding the myth concerning the first Thanksgiving popularly dated 1621 but the Truth will out, so to speak.

For Catholics thanksgiving is regularly celebrated through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which though primarily Our Lord’s Sacrifice is also a Sacred Meal. Here the actual Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ is once again enacted and thanks are given Our Lord for our Redemption and Salvation. In addition, this does not include the daily prayers of thanksgiving that should be part of a Catholic’s daily prayer life.

spanish-thanksgivingHowever, that said; let’s now lay to rest the fantasy and myth surrounding the traditional First Thanksgiving of the Pilgrims. To start the original Thanksgiving, including a Mass and feast was given in St. Augustine, Florida on September 8, 1565 by the Spanish Admiral and explorer Pedro Menéndez de Avilés. The fare of the feast was shared by the Spaniards and the Timucua Indians, intentionally invited guests, who brought indigenous vittles such as venison, corn, beans, squash, oysters, clams, fruit, and, of course, plenty of turkeys. Quail, hare, rabbit, chicken were probably also supplied by the Timucua Indians, who most certainly brought tortillas, frijoles (beans for my Gringo brothers), and a corn and squash dish commonly called succotash, plus various other legumes, as well as fruits.

The Spaniards likely contributed cocido, (soup or stew made with beef, alternately pork, garbanzo beans, chickpeas, and onions), along with biscuits, olive oil and red wine. Surely, salted pork and cheese spread was also present. Let us remember that Spaniards introduced into the newly discovered territories: horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and chickens. Condiments were also brought over such as olive oil, cinnamon, parsley, coriander, oregano and black pepper, and also nuts and grains such as almonds, rice, wheat and barley.

Being now a gentleman farmer and a Connecticut Yankee it always struck me as strange that the appointed date for the USA Thanksgiving was the fourth Thursday in November, considering this was largely a thanksgiving for a successful and bountiful harvest. In fact, here in New England the harvest is long gathered into the stores and larder much before this date in September and early October: so here was my first red flag and one that got my inquisitive senses going.

A second “Thanksgiving” was also given in San Elizario, TX along the banks of the Rio Grande in 1598 in the current county of El Paso by another Spanish explorer, Juan de Oñate y Salazar to give thanks for the crossing of three hundred and fifty miles of the Mexican Desert.

pilgrim-mythIt actually turns out that the modern concept of Thanksgiving is viewed through the lens of New England Protestant settlers, specifically, persecuted English Pilgrims who actually had numerous thanksgiving celebrations for a myriad of triumphant occasions going back even to their time in the Old World. Indeed, the modern concept of the Pilgrim is largely a derogatory view of the Pilgrims by their Protestant brothers who saw them as rigid and austere. For instance, the image of the severe black, grey and white of their dress was largely false since it was only their custom to wear this fashion on Sunday. Other than this they wore mostly the fashion of the day, but more in line with their incomes. Last Wills and Testaments, the Passenger Manifest of the Mayflower, and other historical documents attest to this as clothing descriptions included many colorful waistcoats, pantaloons, and other raiment of the time. BTW, the iconic buckled high-hat and buckled shoes are largely a figment of our times as bucklers of brass were costly and generally an accoutrement of the upper classes of the day and beyond the practical reach of the average Pilgrim.

Incidentally, the democratic ideal of the local Narragansett Indians as invited guests is also a myth, in that the celebration was largely internal for the Pilgrim community. This comes from none other than Governor Bradford himself in his now famous writing: Plymouth Plantation. Any Indians present were drawn to the feasting and celebrations by the raucous field-games, festivities, and the smell of the foods being prepared; once there, they were invited to partake, but not as commonly depicted as invited guests.

A very large foundational myth was that the first Thanksgiving was to give thanks for a successful harvest after years of devastating crop failures and near starvation. The fact is, the Pilgrims with great foresight, planning, and knowledge of previously failed colonies in the New World took proper precautions and had contracted several merchant traders to regularly call on Plymouth Plantation with clothing, dry goods, stores, food and ammunition. Said contract lasted for seven years or more until the colony was firmly established in the New World. This is easily corroborated by contracts in historical archives still existing today. So yes, while initial harvests might have been poor as the settlers acclimated to the new climate and soil, the larders and stores were largely full thanks to constant supplies coming from Europe. This, of course, does not take away from the story of Squanto and his lending a helping hand in the agricultural adventures of the newcomers as they had much to learn about the harsh and short growing season of the New England and also about its rocky soil. As a transplant myself from New York and New Jersey I personally can say there is a learning curve when it comes to New England gardening and farming.

SO just where did all this misinformation we now view as factual originate, you might ask? Well, these stem from the imagination and pen of Sarah Josepha Hale, an influential editor and American writer best known for her little ditty of: “Mary had a Little Lamb”. She was a champion of making the mythical Pilgrim Thanksgiving a national annual celebration, (which for the Pilgrims it never was annual) and hugely succeeded in this endeavor in large part thanks to the financial support of her late husband’s Masonic Lodge buddies. Thus we see why the original Catholic Thanksgiving celebrations were virtually forgotten over the years even by the most devoted Catholic Faithful in favor of the Pilgrim myth.

So perhaps it is time for Catholics to celebrate Thanksgiving in the more appropriate season of September 8th, rather than November. This would, in fact, right two ongoing wrongs: the Pilgrim Myth and, more importantly, the infamous and bestial Black Friday sales events, which have become nothing more than a materialistic orgy of temporal gain.

Embrace your American Catholic heritage and culture and continue to storm heaven with the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. Perhaps then recognition of our nation as an initially a Catholic nation we occur to the popular mind.

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.



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In the immortal words of the Wizard of Oz: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Back in the day during my international energy trading career I had the occasion of meeting George Soros, who at the time owned / controlled a western USA coal mine. It was a brief encounter and I came away with the impression that he was a typical international businessman, no more, no less. Having met others of his ilk including Armand Hammer and Marc Rich in the daily operations of my position my impression was his type of businessman was a dime-a-dozen and I thought no more about it. Granted, while the meeting was very limited lasting no more than a brief introduction and exchange of cordialities, little did I suspect that I had just met the puppet master mover and shaker that would shape not only the business and financial world, but also the geopolitical future in which I and my children would live.

Now, however, I’ve come to know just how pivotal this man is in the re-shaping of the modern world of the so-called Post-Christian era. He not only can make or break markets with his mere opinions, but also nations. So the making of politicians is a lead-pipe cinch for him. That is why the election of Donald J. Trump is so vastly interesting in that, at least ostensibly, Soros was the unabashed backer of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the status quo. I say ostensibly because in both politics and business it occurs that apparent actions often mask other nefarious agendas that underlie the action and are the real goal.

Though a piker by comparison, The Donald in his business career must have had some dealings, even periphery, with Mr. Soros since both were so deeply involved in business and finance. So it will be interesting to see how the two interact over the formation and appointments of Mr. Trump’s administration and cabinet; to say nothing of Trump’s term as President. chess-masterSoros is a master chess player who has a great talent for anticipating what lies on the horizon; though this is seemingly easy since he has already set the scene and actors in most cases.

As stated, Soros is the champion of the Post-Christian era, popularly known as the New World Order that is engulfing our times. He is seemingly unstoppable in his ambition and goals in overturning the ancient regime of Christ and His Church and its stamp on Western Civilization. He is a godless man cold-blooded in his actions not caring about peripheral and collateral damage and even calculating them in his ends. He has destabilized and stabilized whole nations, markets and regions of the world without qualm of guilt, though it was a matter of life and death to those affected by his schemes. To get a sense of this man’s capacity I strongly urge you to watch the “60 Minute” interview from the early 1990’s. Also note the politicians he was associated with both then and now and how they are the pawns of his agenda.

Here is the web citation:

I urge the entire readership to observe minutely and anticipate what we are facing in contemporary times. Know, however, that Soros, Trump, and all the movers and shakers of our world are merely men, here today and gone tomorrow; also remember that the best-laid schemes of mice and men oft go awry. Now we must redouble our storming of heaven with the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary as times are uncertain.

Richard of Danbury, D.S.G.

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Presidential Triumph 2016

Presidential Triumph 2016

What Happens Now…

Trump v HillaryWith the stunning defeat of Hillary and the Democrats what can we expect from a future Trump administration? Let me preface this by saying, from a Catholic standpoint, I personally don’t like Trump. He is not an exemplary Christian let alone not being a Catholic. He has been divorced twice and married three times, making him, by Catholic teaching, a bigamist. His reputation as an astute businessman is largely a fantasy, as he stands on the shoulders of his now deceased father who built the family foundational support from which President-elect Trump catapulted and on which he has fallen back upon at least one documented time. He is, at best, silent on the murder of children in mother’s womb, and at worst, in favor of a women’s right to choose with some restrictions. He has a libertarian view of Sodomy and the cultural changes occurring within the Greater Society. Finally he panders to the Zionist State of Israel, turning a blind eye on the sufferings of the Palestinians, 20 to 30% of whom are Christians under Israeli apartheid and land confiscations, which continues unabated under the nose of world media who report nothing on this form of ongoing genocide.

Now with the above stated, many good and faithful traditional Catholics, favored and voted for Trump and it is crucial to understand why this is so. First, as Catholics we will never find the ideal candidate to represent the true and complete Catholic Doctrines and Dogmas on this side of heaven. Therefore, we must use logic and reason to determine how we must proceed. Of course, prior, during and after our considerations we must have recourse to prayer. Next we must consider what is at stake. In the recent election, as in most elections, the next administration will appoint new members of the Supreme Court. Since most of the laws of late seem to be determined by judicial fiat rather than legislation, it is crucial that we have the most conservative nominees possible for this prospective judicial position. Remember, however, there is no guarantee that the judges will vote this way, i. e. the Sodomite Marriage Law imposed on the US last year where an alleged conservative voted in favor of the measure.

Second, and most importantly, conditions in the world are dangerously close to a nuclear World War III scenario. If Mrs. Clinton had been made President, it is my considered and educated opinion she would have been inclined to press the button to precipitate Armageddon; indeed, she has repeatedly stated that when it comes to Russia, Iran and Syria, “nuclear weapons” are on the table. In addition, the new Prime Minister of Great Britain, Teresa May, in a session of Parliament had stated that she will “use nuclear weapons, because of what use is a deterrent if one is not prepared to use it”. Great Britain is our traditional partners in all the Middle East interventions and adventures over the past ten years and with one unstable termagant backing another as Heads of State this would be a very precarious circumstance in which every living being in the world could be affected unto annihilation. Yikes and gadzooks! What circumstances, clearly, this is an astoundingly horrific prospect.

So now what of Trump and his projected administration? His reputation in business and the intercourse with New York City and State politics is one of a rogue who bucks the system. Obviously, despite some setbacks his accomplishments must have been achieved with some compromise, glad-handing and backslapping. In other words, he can play ball according to the situation when a goal is set. That said, his reputation, perceived or factual, precedes him with the result that he has many enemies such as: Wall Street and the international bankers, Democrats, the powerful Jewish and Israeli lobby, and even his own Republican Party…( the Mayor of Danbury, CT, a Republican, wrote in the name of his dog, Ellie Mai). It is therefore; plain to see that unless he knuckles under to these powerful adversaries he will be a lame duck President for all his term and thus an ineffectual President with little to no accomplishments. Being the astute man he is I’m sure he sees this and will be willing to compromise… yes even betray some of his espoused positions as candidate Trump of this and last year. A strong indication of this came on his acceptance speech when he praised Hillary for her long battle over the past two years, as well as, “her valued service to our country as Madame Secretary of State. Well, so much for: “lock her up!” and “put Hillary in an orange jumpsuit!”

Indeed I don’t see him following through with strict enforcement of our national borders. Neither will he, nor can he, stop illegal immigration. He will not, nor can he, deport the Middle Eastern, (read Muslim) refugees already brought into the country. He will not, nor can he, cut off financial aid to the illegal aliens that are already here. He cannot effectively lead the charge in a totally Republican Congress to rescind Obamacare, at best he may fine tune it. He will not put an end to our endless misadventures and incursions into the Middle East and other countries. He will not, nor is inclined to leave Syria and stop meddling in President Assad’s internal affairs. He cannot, nor is he inclined to pull NATO back from encroaching on Russia’s territorial boundaries, waterways and airspace assuring Vladimir Putin we can truly be partners in effectively reducing terrorism in all its forms. He will not, cannot, nor is inclined to instruct our CIA to withdraw ALL covert U.S. support for Muslim terror groups such as ISIS–in which case, they would quickly dissolve. Also he will not stop the CIA from covert operations designed to destabilize governments that have a handle on their own home-grown terrorist as did Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Iraq. In short he will comply with the juggernaut of the many-headed hydra overwhelming international politics, culture, society and religion, thus assist in ushering in the New World Order and all it embodies.

As regards the Catholic vote the margin for Trump was only three points reflecting the liberal bias of not only the greater society but also that of this Pope and the Vatican. On the other hand, I’m completely baffled by some in traditional Catholic circles who looked on Trump as a savior of traditional Catholic values; even going so far as to considerate it a miracle and thanking God for his election as President. Often they wax piously as if he were the second coming; clearly, an unbalanced and distorted view of the man.

In summary, Trump is merely a bump in the road for the forces of the NWO, a flea on the hide of an elephant. For true believing Catholics he is but a man and nothing more. He will not work wonders, nor bring back the temporal power of the Catholic Church, the true traditional Catholic Church. If we expect anything else of him we are delusional.

So let us continue to pray the Rosary for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, and this week, in particular, dedicate it to our lost and forlorn country. At this late date, remember it will be one hundred years in less than 11 months since this apparition, The Mother of God; the Theotokos is our last and best hope.

Richard of Danbury, D. S. G.

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Suffering, Illness, Dying, and Death

Suffering, Illness, Dying, and Death

Since all contemporary folks are, intentionally or unintentionally, steeped in the world it is rather difficult to see the traditional Catholic teachings and beliefs on the subject at hand, that is, illness, dying, and death.

Primarildeathdancey, we must remember Church teaching that death is not a creation of God and He does not delight in the death of the living, as He created all things that they might exist. As I am a living God, the sinner’s death is none of my contriving! I would have him leave his sinning, and live on. (Ezekiel 33:11)  Illness and death are the result of the Fall of Adam! This power of death not only applied to man but to all creation, but it is man who is conscious of it and suffers the most from it. The Garden of Eden was truly a paradise for all that dwelt therein. Although Adam and Eve did not physically die for many centuries after expulsion from the Garden of Eden, they died spiritually the moment they tasted the forbidden fruit. Preternatural gifts were lost, very nature was changed forever.

Since that time Our Redeemer, Our Lord Jesus Christ, by His Supreme Sacrifice has destroyed the power of death, although the sting still remains, that is, while we suffer death we Faithful Catholics know that we share in Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. So properly speaking the Faithful Catholic is not afraid of death and must look on death as a temporary circumstance. That said, we must never have a friendly outlook toward death we must uphold the traditional belief that death is the enemy. This is the separation point of Modernists and Protestants who often times embrace death as God’s Will for us, or as natural; neither of which is true as can be seen by the Scriptural quotation above. It is spiritually and theologically vital that we understand this aspect of death.

While we must see this sobering aspect of death, we must not be afraid of it for the aforementioned reason, that is, Jesus Christ’s defeat of death by His Resurrection. Yes, it is proper to grieve and morn, but we must not give way to depression and despair. We must temper our grief with the promise that it is our destiny to once again be with Our Lord and our loved ones, body and soul, in heaven, that is, if our loved ones and we live(d) according to God’s Will. My son, shed tears over the dead, and begin to lament as if thou hadst suffered some great harm, and according to judgment cover his body, and neglect not his burial. And for fear of being ill spoken of weep bitterly for a, day, and then comfort thyself in thy sadness. And make mourning for him according to his merit for a day, or two, for fear of detraction.(Ecclesiasticus 38:16-18)

This message is appropriate for this season of the year as we transition to autumn with its cool nights and falling leaves; the season of seeming death and endings yet within itself holds the promise of spring and resurrection. It is the precursor of the Feasts of All Souls and All Saints and is a foretaste of the Resurrection of the body to come. Just as life is temporary and we are but pilgrims in this world, so too is death only temporary. If we live justly and according to God’s Will we will arise to glory; if not, to eternal suffering.

In view of the foregoing pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory who rely on our prayers and supplications. Also continue with the Rosary as things only seem to be descending further into chaos.

Richard of Danbury, D. S. G.

October 6, 2016

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The Catholic Dilemma

The Catholic Dilemma of the Political Election Process


Peering back through the mists of time I focus on the election of 1960. That was the election of JohnTrump v Hillary Fitzgerald Kennedy to be the 35th President of the USA. In St. Anthony School in the Bronx those innocent but naive goodly sisters would constantly urge us students to push our parents to vote Democratically to help elect the first Catholic President to the White House; little did they, or anyone else for that matter, realize that on a personal level JFK was by no means an exemplary Catholic or even by secular standards a just and moral man. Literally, a myriad of books and articles have been written describing his numerous immoral exploits so there is no need to rehash it here. As to those poor deluded nuns, they must now be rolling in their graves to know the depth of not only the sins of the first “Catholic” president but also just how far the morality of our nation, and, yes, even the Catholic Church has fallen.

This brings us to the current election cycle of Trump vs. Clinton and the dilemma it poses for true Catholic citizens of the United States. In past, times such as the election of Kennedy, the actions of the Catholic voter, though misplaced, were clear. Elect a “Catholic” President and reestablish a Catholic moral basis within the greater political and social framework of the nation. Obviously, this hope was dashed when candidate JFK assured the nation that he would not impose his Catholic beliefs and values on the rest of the country. While this should have been a dead giveaway of his political intention, it was largely overlooked by the media of the day, so many would be Catholic voters were clearly under a delusion.

With the onset of the Vietnam Police Action, (intentionally and technically not defined as a war), people, most especially the young, began to become politically aware and became better informed, though such awareness was largely through the liberal mainstream media. At any rate, most voter age folks became politically and socially active, though once again misinformed. As a result, liberal political action and even revolution brought about the Decade of Revolution culminating in Revolutionary years of 1968 – 1969, when all manner of evil was foisted on society. At the time, it was still clear, though getting murky, of the “right” thing for a Catholic to do as far as the voting booth was concerned; namely vote the traditional moral and justice beliefs of the Catholic Faith.

As the Supreme Court decision of 1972, Roe v. Wade, was mandated by judicial fiat into the law of the land it was still clear of what should be the behavior of the true Catholic, both at the polling place and within the society. Many good willed Catholics took to the protest lines and exhibited civil disobedience, even to the point of arrest, to protest the murder of the unborn. Indeed, many of these brave, pioneering, and aging Catholic protesters still, and for the most part exclusively, man the protest lines in front of abortion mills to this very day: their civil protests largely going unnoticed and unheeded even by contemporary Catholics. Many of whom sad to say, even so-called traditional Catholics, see the protest efforts as largely futile and, in fact, among under-40 Y.O. NewChurch Catholics view abortion as a women’s right.

As can be seen by the above, the zenith of Catholic action was the 1972 and years immediately following. Today with the advance of the generations, and lTrump or Hillaryargely with the looming and complicit silence of the Catholic hierarchy, most NewChurch Catholics are confused, at best, or completely against the traditional Catholic moral teachings of the Catholic Church, that is, the Sacred Magisterium. As the issue of this year, that is, the institutionalization of Sodomy into the law of the land further eroded traditional Catholic values we now have before us the impending dilemma of what an orthodox Catholic should do. It has even been proposed by Catholics in our traditional Catholic chapels to abstain from voting at all because we are morally obliged to vote only for Catholic candidates. However, while we have nominally Catholic candidates many of them are often to the left of the most rabid atheist and therefore begs the question… Who do we vote for?

Without doubt we are in the most tumultuous, chaotic, and unprecedented times of the Church since our days in the catacombs, so admittedly, we have a uniquely Catholic dilemma regarding our civil and religious duties.

While I cannot speak for all traditional Catholics, nor do I offer any political of social advice on the matter, my prospective on the issue is to imagine myself on that terrible and inevitable day, standing before the Judgement Seat of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and when he asks what I did to prevent institutionalized Sodomite Marriage within our nation, can I say, well, there was no true Catholic candidate so I did not vote, thus enabling the perversity of the left to hold sway in our country. Clearly, for me at least, this will not be an acceptable answer for that Terrible Judge, and could even mean the difference between salvation and damnation. Yikes and gadzooks, this thought alone cuts through the mists and fog and dictates what must be done to at least slow down, if not, derail the Communist juggernaut bearing down on us.

SO I would urge the readership of CRS to pray, meditate, study the situation, plea to God for discernment, and finally hold your nose and vote, because we will someday be called to account for all our temporal actions no matter how big or small, and receive commensurate eternal reward or punishment.

I.C. Clearly (guest poster)

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